Behind the “24-Hour TV” Donation Scheme: Excessive “Fund-raising Scheme” Built on “Johnny’s” and “Sobriety”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind the “24-Hour TV” Donation Scheme: Excessive “Fund-raising Scheme” Built on “Johnny’s” and “Sobriety”.

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Naniwa Danshi” became the main personality of this year’s “24 Hour TV”. However, a donation of good will was sent to …… (from the program’s official website).

The Japanese archipelago is trembling with anger at this outrageous news.

It was discovered that Mr. Masahiro Tamura, former head of the Management Strategy Bureau of NTV affiliate Nippai TV (Tottori Prefecture) and in charge of accounting, etc., had embezzled donations for “24 Hours TV” (NTV affiliate) for a period of 10 years.

NTV dismissed Mr. Tamura on disciplinary grounds and also filed a damage report with the police. Mr. Tamura embezzled not only over 2.6 million yen in donations to 24 Hour TV, but also approximately 8.5 million yen from the station’s sales. He is said to have used the money to pay for food, drinks, pachislot and other entertainment expenses.

The 24-hour TV program is famous for its use of former Japanese celebrities as main personalities, etc., and its close contact with people with disabilities, etc. The program has been held at various locations throughout Japan. Donations are collected at various locations throughout Japan, and because of the nature of the program, many of the donations are made in cash, so if the money were stolen by a malicious person in charge, we would never know the damage.

Since the money is not colored, it would be very difficult to prove or make a case if the cash was removed out of sight. Again, this time, as Nihonkai TV was undergoing a tax audit, this accountant confessed to his boss for fear of being discovered, and it came to light.

In the process, it just happened to come to light that the 24-hour TV donation had also been embezzled, and originally it might have gone undetected forever. We can’t help but think that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The 24-Hour TV program has been easily criticized for its hypocrisy, and the current incident has further inflamed the public. There have been many calls for the program to be terminated.

Former NTV announcer Shinichi Hatori, who has been the general host for 13 consecutive years, said on the “Shinichi Hatori Morning Show” (TV Asahi) broadcast on January 29th

I am outraged at the extremely malicious nature of this matter.

If all the affiliate stations don’t check the situation properly and tell them that it was an unusual and special situation caused by a single person, I don’t think it’s surprising that they won’t (donate) anymore,” he said angrily.

He added angrily.

On the other hand, he said that schemes to make it easier to raise money have been established over the past 40 years.

The charity marathon is the best example, but we also raise a lot of money by challenging people with disabilities to do something and giving them a “sob story. The staff knows this, so they focus on how to make people cry and how to move them to tears.

In addition, Japanese celebrities perform for free and are very effective in appealing to the public. Since Japanese celebrities, idols, and comedians also stand at local fundraising events, ordinary people who want to see the entertainers are happy to bring money to the event. However, in past years, when donations have amounted to more than 1.5 billion yen nationwide, this year’s figure has dropped by half to about 800 million yen, indicating that the public has begun to see through the hypocrisy of the event. Next year will be a very critical time, not only because of the money received, but also because of the problem of Japanese celebrities” (TV station official).

……, which arbitrarily impressed the public and collected money, all of which was used for the personal gain of “highly paid” TV station employees, instead of going to support the disabled and other causes. This kind of thing cannot be allowed to happen.

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