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Why Mirai Asakura’s Street Fight Project Attracts Fans and Anti-Fans

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Mirai Asakura apologizes for her one-sided victory in the “Battle on the Road” project. I wonder what she will do next…

The martial artist Mirai Asakura has always fascinated people.

The main channel has 2.06 million subscribers, and he is at the top of the fighting YouTubers list. In addition, he has two sub-channels. His videos cover a wide range of topics, including sparring with local fighters, surprise attacks, and bomb-buying projects.

He has been paying attention to YouTube since early on, and has teamed up with his good friends to increase his recognition. His annual income from YouTube alone is said to be in the hundreds of millions.

The most recent controversial event was the “10 million yen if you beat Mirai Asakura in a street fight” project that was broadcast on ABEMA on November 20. The event featured Yuki Goto, younger brother of former Momo Musume member Maki Goto, Aizu’s legendary “brawler” Satoru Kubota, reigning kickboxing champion Mohan Dragon, and former KAT-TUN member Saint Tanaka. Tanaka was not able to participate due to injury.

Tanaka withdrew from the event due to an injury on the day of the fight, but Asakura “instantly killed” the three in a total of 96 seconds. He showed the determination of a professional fighter, but at the same time, the contestants were severely injured, including a broken nose, and there was a flood of criticism that he was “bullying the weak” and “overdoing it.

At first, Asakura brushed off such criticism, but on the 24th, he uploaded a video reflecting on the incident.

On the 24th, Asakura uploaded a video reflecting on the situation, saying, “I’m very sorry that I was only thinking about things from my perspective. I took part in this event to spread martial arts, but in the end, it was not a good way to spread martial arts, that’s my simple impression. I think it was not good that I appeared to be bullying the weak.

He bowed his head.

“That’s really clever. He is really clever. He can get upset with the antagonists, but he can also judge objectively and think of a way around it. If you notice, fans and opponents alike are being misled by Mirai Asakura,” said a writer for a fighting magazine.

On the 22nd, before she released her video reflection, she updated her subchannel “Gachi no Mirai Asakura” and revealed that she had donated the proceeds from the channel to an animal welfare facility. The timing was just right when criticism of Asakura was at its peak, and she did a great job of “venting” in this area.

On the other hand, she did not forget to “spread the bait” for the New Year’s Eve.

On Twitter, she got into a verbal battle with Ren Hiramoto, a martial artist who is known to be on “bad terms” with Asakura. They started off with Hiramoto slagging off Asakura’s drawings. Hiramoto said

Hiramoto said, “Well, well, well, isn’t that Mirai Asakura, who beat up amateurs and gave new inspiration to bullies all over the country?

Hiramoto provoked him, and Asakura said

Asakura replied, “Well, well, it’s the 0-1 Hiramoto-kun who was beaten up a year ago and became a critic without having fought a single match.

He replied. In the end, Asakura said

Asakura finally suggested, “If you pick too many opponents and don’t fight on New Year’s Eve, it’s not good, so I’ll do it for you.

Hiramoto also suggested, “I’ll do it anytime.

Hiramoto responded, “I’ll do it any time.

Hiramoto agreed. Hiramoto responded, “I’ll do it any time.” It was unclear if it would happen, but it was a great foreshadowing for the RIZIN New Year’s Eve event.

They really don’t get along, but that aside, we’ve set the tone for New Year’s Eve. Hiramoto was defeated in his first RIZIN fight, but he has since moved to the United States and is currently training for MMA. He is currently training for MMA.

He has the looks of a model, a big mouth, and a strong personality. Since New Year’s Eve is a “festival,” many people want to see the two fighters bare their emotions. I’m sure the pre-fight video will be quite exciting.

A writer for a fighting magazine said

In any case, Asakura has a keen sense of intuition. In private, he has no sense of ostentation and has a mischievous side. In the future, I think he will be in charge of RIZIN’s general producer.

That’s what he says.

Mirai Asakura is at the center of the fighting world, taking in both fans and opponents. How many steps ahead does she have in mind?

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