Snow Man “Shota Watanabe” appearance information is frequently released in a flying manner… “Pull yourself together” is the voice of “Pull yourself together” due to so much mismanagement. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Snow Man “Shota Watanabe” appearance information is frequently released in a flying manner… “Pull yourself together” is the voice of “Pull yourself together” due to so much mismanagement.

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Shota Watanabe of Snow Man takes earrings for props after filming is over.

On November 15, it was announced that Shota Watanabe of Snow Man will play the lead role in the drama series “Sensei Sayonara” (NTV) in the January 2012 season.

This will be Watanabe’s first starring role in a drama series, but the information was reportedly leaked the day before the announcement. Some fans have expressed their resentment over Watanabe’s appearance in a drama series, as she has previously been cast in a drama series “by flying publicity release.

Watanabe plays Takuro Tamura, a high school art teacher, in the drama, which tells two love stories, one as a 27-year-old high school teacher and the other as a high school student, with Watanabe playing the main character for 13 years. It was also announced that the theme song for the drama will be “We’ll go together” by Snow Man.

Fans on SNS have been congratulating Watanabe, but in fact, before the official announcement, the lead role in the drama was revealed in a surprising way.

On February 14, the Snow Man website by record company MENT RECORDING uploaded details of the new single, which will be released on February 14 next year. On the page, it announced, ‘The memorable 10th single will be a double A-side single with a drama theme song starring the members’ (original text in Japanese, same below). Teru Iwamoto’s starring role in “Koisuru Keisatsu 24jikan” (TV Asahi, airing in January next year) had already been announced. …… In addition, there was a sentence: “‘We’ll go together’ is the theme song for NTV’s January season Cinderella ‘Sensei Sayonara’ starring Shota Watanabe,” (entertainment writer).

Since Watanabe’s starring role in the drama had not been publicly announced at this stage, fans on SNS were upset, calling it a “flying” announcement (this part of the article was later deleted). In addition, the X account under the name “Johnny & Associates” (currently “New Name Coming Soon”), the official name of Johnny’s office, gave out information about Watanabe earlier in the morning on June 7 this year.

It said that Watanabe would appear in the July season drama “Uso Kekkon” (Fuji TV) starring Sexy Zone’s Fuma Kikuchi as the main character’s friend, Shindo Masateru. However, perhaps the timing of the release was mistaken, and the official account later deleted the post. However, since it was a congratulatory topic that he was going to appear in a drama, it became known to a lot of fans.

On the other hand, after all, this time “Sensei Sayonara” was officially announced the next day, and fans seemed relieved.

On November 15, Watanabe advertised the drama and its theme song on the blog of the membership site FAMILY CLUB web, and added the following words: “Ah, thank you for reading the air, lol. This was seen as a thank-you to those who had tried not to make too much noise in response to the mistake on the part of the record company. Nevertheless, from the fans,

Isn’t it bad that the officials are flying off the handle? Shota had a flying ban when he did “Uso Kekkon” too, right?
It’s sad that the official announcement was made before the information was released, just like in the case of “Uso Kekkon”.
It’s also a trust issue for the drama producers, so the officials need to get their act together.
Snow Man, you’ve been flying too many times. Is the staff around the group going to be okay?

The “official” (record company/office) was also criticized.

Snow Man is now one of the most popular groups in the former Johnny’s office (now “SMILE-UP.”). I hope that the staff around them will be very careful not to drag them down.

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