Is it similar to “Silent”? Mayu Hotta is the key to the recovery of “Tatobori,” which has not been well received. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Is it similar to “Silent”? Mayu Hotta is the key to the recovery of “Tatobori,” which has not been well received.

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It’s her fourth consecutive drama series this year.

Mayu Hotta (25)’s first drama starring in a GP series, “Even If I Forget You,” has a delicate reputation.

The film is a genuine love story between a woman with past trauma and a man with a memory disorder. Miri (Hotta) aspired to be a pianist, but failed. She became a piano instructor in Kobe, but her student base has dwindled, so she takes a job at a cell phone store. She happens to meet Sora (Toshihisa Hagiwara), who works in a kitchen car. A month later, Miri happens to find Sora on the street, but he does not remember her at all. Sora, for some reason, has a memory disorder and has lost his memory four times before.

This drama is aired on TV Asahi’s newly established Sunday night 10:00 p.m. serial drama slot starting in the April season. In the same slot, “Sunday Night About…” starring Nana Seino (29) aired in the April season, and “What Day Was It Born” starring Marie Iide (25) aired in the July season. The ratings for “Toto to Oblivion” have been quite harsh, with an average of 3.14% for the five episodes so far. However, a reporter for an entertainment magazine said that this is not the problem.

Although detailed viewership ratings for the two previous seasons have not been disclosed, they are said to have averaged in the 3% range for households, and were even reported as being at the “bomb level. However, there were many who praised the works themselves, with “Sunday no ~” written by veteran scriptwriters Keiwa Okada and Shinji Nojima, and “What Day is Sunday” by the cast, both of whom won monthly Galaxy Awards and were highly praised among experts.

The screenplay for “Tatoto to Oblivion” was written by Taeko Asano, who also wrote “Love Generation” and “God, Just a Little More. Even if expectations for the numbers were not so high based on previous examples, fans’ expectations for the work itself were very high. However, the comments of fans on review sites and other media were not always positive.

The first thing I was told was that it was too similar to “silent” (Fuji TV), which was a big hit in the October season last year. The setting of a love story with a handicapped man was one thing, but what was worse was that the producer’s comments on the official website were almost a copy and paste of those of “silent. ABC TV, the production company, made an official apology, but that was the first thing they did that was stingy. Also, one of the main cast members is Shunsuke Kazama, who plays the same “teacher” role as in “silent,” which seems to have increased the sense of deja vu.

In fact, the only thing they have in common is that the male character has a disability, and the other settings and stories are completely different. However, the calm tone of the entire screen and the story unfolding against a background of soothing background music may be a factor in the “similarity. However, some reviewers pointed out a few things that are not “like silent.

In particular, one reviewer pointed out the scene in the first episode in which Miri plays a piano that had been abandoned in an abandoned building. It is an important scene that deepens the relationship between Sora and Miri, but the reviewer said, “The tuning of the piano is too perfect for a piano in ruins, and it bothers me. Other than that, the scene in episode 4 where psychosomatic doctor Tamotsu (Kazama) gives hypnotherapy to Sora, his first patient, also had many people saying, ‘It’s impossible. Sora had to forcefully ask Tamotsu to do it even though Tamotsu had refused at first.

Of course, it is not all criticism. The scenery of Kobe, the setting of the story, is beautiful, and many people say they look forward to the gentle story depicted in the scenery.

Among them, the performance of Ms. Hotta, who plays the lead role, has been highly praised. In an interview about her performance as Miri, she said, “It was a difficult experience for me to consciously show my vulnerability,” but she gives a good performance as Miri, who is too caught up in the past to move forward. The way she moves her eyes and the expression she shows for a moment, you can’t help but look at her face,” said a reporter from an entertainment magazine.

Not only the numbers, but also the details of “Anaboshi” have been questioned in various ways. The fact that “Sexy Tanaka-san” (NTV), which is airing 30 minutes later in the same time slot this season, is doing well is also a disadvantage. However, the story is still in its middle stage. We look forward to the future development of the story.

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