Toshifumi Fujimoto’s “I didn’t notice” backfired…Toshifumi Fujimoto was sent to prosecution for a “hit-and-run” accident, but his “excuse” became a “major headwind” for his comeback. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Toshifumi Fujimoto’s “I didn’t notice” backfired…Toshifumi Fujimoto was sent to prosecution for a “hit-and-run” accident, but his “excuse” became a “major headwind” for his comeback.

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Toshifumi Fujimoto of the comedy duo “FUJIWARA” was sent to prosecution for a “hit-and-run” charge.

A single “excuse” could set back the resumption of his entertainment activities.

On November 14, the Shibuya Police Department referred Toshifumi Fujimoto of the comedy duo “FUJIWARA” to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office for violation of the Road Traffic Law (failure to report an accident, etc.) for causing a traffic accident and fleeing the scene, a so-called “hit-and-run.

According to investigators, Fujimoto was driving a passenger car in Shibuya Ward on October 4 when he ignored a red light and entered an intersection. He allegedly hit another car, but drove away. Fujimoto said he was “unaware of the accident.

“I didn’t notice the accident.

Fujimoto stated that he was unaware of the accident.

The details of this incident were discussed on the radio immediately after the accident by Akashiya Sanma, a senior driver of the company.

He said, “From his point of view. From his own point of view, he is in a state of panic. When he tells people, they can easily and calmly understand. I know the usual procedure: get off the car, apologize, call the insurance company, and then call the police. But when it comes down to it, he says that his feelings were not strong enough.

The following week, however, Sanma corrected his statement, saying that it was incorrect.

Sanma said that Fujimoto

“In fact, I went there without knowing that I had won.”

He explained again that Fujimoto was “in a state of panic” because he had inconvenienced so many programs. He said that Fujimoto was in a “state of panic” because of the trouble he had caused to many programs, but Sanma said

I’m a naughty boy, so I interpreted it as a panic because I caused the accident. Anyway, it was my mistake.

He even sent Fujimoto an e-mail apologizing for his mistake.

In his initial explanation, he said that he knew the normal procedure of contacting the insurance company and then the police, but that he was too panicked to do so, and that his feelings were weak at the time of the accident.

He was that specific, but the following week, the content suddenly changed, saying he was unaware that he had been hit. There must have been a considerable “misunderstanding” in Mr. Fujimoto’s explanation, but many people must have felt uncomfortable. ……

The fact that he also told the police that he was unaware of the incident has caused a firestorm on the Internet.

Even a small pebble hitting a car makes a loud noise inside the car. There is no way he could have hit another car and not noticed.

Fujimoto’s claim that he entered the intersection on a red light, hit and ran, and then drove away without slowing down, saying he “didn’t notice,” is clearly unusual.

The comments were full of doubts about Fujimoto’s claim.

In general, it is a common practice for hit-and-run victims to excuse their actions by saying that they “didn’t notice. Since the difference between intentionality and negligence is completely different, they often try to at least get away with the excuse.

If the driver did not realize that he or she was hit and did not notice that the light was red and drove into the intersection, then the driver’s attention is too deficient. It will be interesting to see if information from the driver’s own or the other driver’s drive recorder, or from nearby security cameras, will come to light in the future.

“I didn’t notice.

This statement may have angered the viewers. Will he be able to return as the “cheerful comedian” he used to be? ……

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