By the time she can go shopping alone… Kyoka Suzuki “a strong step toward recovery” and “amazing recovery with a full smile” photos. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

By the time she can go shopping alone… Kyoka Suzuki “a strong step toward recovery” and “amazing recovery with a full smile” photos.

Her boyfriend Hiroki Hasegawa couldn't help but smile. Less than half a year after announcing that she had to cancel the drama in which she starred due to health problems, we caught an exclusive glimpse of the great actress still recovering from her illness shopping!

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In mid-October, Kyoka finished shopping at an organic supermarket in Tokyo and walked to the van that picked her up with a soft smile on her face.

It was a smile that could best be described as “bouncy.

One day in October, a beautiful woman was running in the rain that had been pouring down since the morning, without an umbrella.

After paying her bill at an organic supermarket in Tokyo, she made a beeline for a white van parked nearby! She slid into the back seat of the van with a cap pulled over her head.

FRIDAY met this beautiful woman, Kyoka Suzuki (55), again five days later. The location was again an organic supermarket. Perhaps it was because of the crisp autumn weather, but this time she headed toward the van that was picking her up, biting her teeth with each step. She had a big smile on her face the whole way to …….

It was on May 11 that Kyoka announced her withdrawal from “This Wonderful World” (Fuji TV), the July-cool drama series in which she stars.

The details were only partially known to the public, so information was mixed up, such as ‘she was hospitalized for a serious illness’ and ‘she had emergency surgery,’ but her agency denied it. When he felt a physical discomfort, he went to a hospital for an examination, and the illness was discovered.

It is a complete secret, except that the lesion was found at an early stage and he decided to concentrate on treatment. However, there is no indication that he has been going to the hospital. If that is the case, there were whispers in the industry that she might have a gynecological disorder or a mental disorder, and that it might take her a year to return to work.

However, as mentioned at the beginning of this report, Kyoka had recovered to the point where she was able to go shopping by herself about six months after the start of her rest period.

On October 18, she attended the “Praemium Imperiale Memorial Prize” award ceremony held at the Meiji Kinenkan in Tokyo. She was seen congratulating the winner of the painting category, Vija Selmins (84).

Kyoka is the type of person who, once she decides to be photographed, sets aside a period of preparation to make sure her body and mind are in tip-top shape. The fact that she took part in a ceremony attended by major figures in the political and business world, including Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (66), means that she is ready for public appearances. Her boyfriend Hiroki Hasegawa (46) is also said to be looking cheerful these days. Kyoka’s return may be imminent.

FRIDAY has encountered Hasegawa riding his electric kickboard “LUUP” and bicycle near her apartment on numerous occasions, and it is true that he has been wearing a smile on his face recently.

There is talk that Kyoka’s hit drama “Grand Maison Tokyo” (TBS), in which she co-starred with Kimura, will be made into a movie. That might be the best place for her to make a comeback.

The first step toward her comeback was taken, gently and powerfully.

I had been waiting for this smile! Her home recuperation must be going well, her cheeks were not chapped and her beautiful skin was still in good shape!
Hasegawa rushed to Kyoka’s house on an electric kickboard. He says he saves time from work and stays with Kyoka to support her.
Kyoka Suzuki, riding her bicycle near Kyoka’s apartment. Kyoka Suzuki’s strong “step” and “full smile” toward her return to work.
Kyoka Suzuki takes a strong step forward and smiles with a full face toward her comeback.

From the November 10 and 17, 2023 issues of FRIDAY

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