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SMILE-UP Stirs Turmoil for Lack of Action Towards Sexual Assault Issue

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Slander against current and former members of the “Johnny’s Sexual Assault Victims’ Association” continues to intensify.

Slander against current and former members of the “Johnny’s Sexual Assault Victims’ Association” is becoming more and more intense – and more severe.

On November 4, Yasunobu Shiga, a former member of “Ninja” who accused the late Johnny Kitagawa of sexual assault, updated his X (formerly Twitter) and announced that he would respond to the slanderers with criminal charges. On the previous day, November 3, he had blurted out in the YouTube video “Machiroku ch~Your Life, Please Tell Me~” that the reason for his leaving Ninja was the pregnancy of a woman he was dating at the time, as well as his accumulated resentment toward Mr. Johnny.

After the release of the video, Shiga apparently received a considerable number of slanderous comments

“I’m sorry. Please don’t make comments that you don’t know the reason for. I’m sorry. I will block such people.”

He continued,

“Just one thing. Prepare yourself. We have all the evidence. The prefectural police are already on their way.”

“Nibongi, Iida, Shiga, let’s start here. Criminal proceedings. You will pay for your crimes. I will never forgive you. You’re just like Johnny and Merry.” 

and so on.

Regarding the slander, Junya Hiramoto, the representative of the parties’ association, submitted a complaint to the Kanagawa Prefectural Police on the 10th of last month on the charge of defamation, which was accepted.


Kyohei Iida, a former member of “Kis-My-Ft2,” whom Shiga named, also posted on X on the 28th of last month

“Unfortunately, nothing that a blind and narrow-minded person who doesn’t know the intent of what he says and only believes what he wants to believe will resonate with anyone.”

He posted.

“Mr. Shiga left the association early last month due to differences in direction, and has taken a hard line against the former Johnny’s office. Mr. Iida also quit the association and has been working with Mr. Shiga. The radicals have been particularly attacked by Johnny’s fans, who say things like, ‘You ruined the office,’ and ‘Take responsibility.’”

The management team of the former Johnny’s office, which is not well prepared to deal with victims.

For Mr. Iida, the current Kis-My-Ft2 fans do not like the fact that he is referred to as “ex-Kis-My-Ft2” in every news report, even though he did not make his major debut as a Kis-My-Ft2 member. He has a family, and he needs to take decisive action against “threats” to harm his relatives.


“In addition, mysterious packages and letters to unidentified recipients have been arriving at the homes of the members of the association. There are also pages on the Internet where their personal information is compiled.”

SMILE-UP, which provides compensation services for victims of sex trafficking, seems to be responding to this situation in a perfunctory manner.

The president, Noriyuki Higashiyama, stated at the beginning of the press conference on September 7

“I would like to ask you to stop slandering the victims.”

“We are not hostile to the victims.”

He emphasized.

He said, “It was good that he mentioned it at the press conference, but that’s all I can turn around and say. Even after the press conference, the bashing has escalated. The issue of countermeasures against slander against the victims is one that SMILE should have taken seriously.”

This is the opinion of an entertainment professional close to the association of the parties involved. Mr. Shimon Ishimaru, vice president of the association, explained the purpose of their activities in a video.

“It’s all about the money!”

and that he filed a complaint with the former Johnny’s s office.

“The profits of the new company should also be used for compensation.”

and a written request to the former Johnny’s office that “the profits of the new company should also be used for compensation” were not well-received by the public. The fact that the criticism heated up as a result may be, in a sense, a “self-destruction”.


“Still, SMILE has to take action against the slander,” he said. “It may be a “shakedown” for SMILE to have the association of the victims bear the brunt of the criticism, but that would be irresponsible.”

“SMILE should have taken care of the victims’ mental health as well, and they were too careless in doing so.”

Currently, the association is seeking a direct meeting with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Now that his approval rating has fallen, there is no chance that this will happen.

If the issue is addressed at the national level, the slander may ease a little.

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