From veterans to signature groups…Industry insiders are keeping a close eye on the whereabouts of three key players in the “new Johnny’s”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

From veterans to signature groups…Industry insiders are keeping a close eye on the whereabouts of three key players in the “new Johnny’s”.

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President Higashiyama held his second press conference, which lasted more than two hours, and was criticized by some for lacking specifics about compensation.

After the second press conference, which lasted two hours and eight minutes and was surrounded by angry shouts and clamor, Johnny’s’s office was once again under pressure from the media. President Noriyuki Higashiyama (57) began by apologizing once again to the victims. He also announced the change of company name, the establishment of a new company, and the start of compensation. A desk clerk at a national newspaper looks back on the second press conference.

The company set up a compensation desk of the Victims Relief Committee as of September 13, and although 325 people have requested compensation, no concrete compensation plan was clearly stated at the press conference. The mere announcement of the compensation start period alone is too inadequate for a press conference, as it hardly seems to be a response that sincerely addresses the victims and the issue of sexual assault.

It seems as if the Johnny’s office is trying to solve the problem in a roundabout way while running away from the true nature of the issue. It will be even more difficult to regain the trust of not only the fans, but also the companies that have reviewed the use of their talents in commercials, and the NHK and other TV stations.

On the day of the press conference, former V6 member Junichi Okada (42) announced that he would be leaving the office as of November 30. While great turmoil is expected to continue, industry insiders are said to be focusing on three key figures who hold the key to the future of the new Johnny’s. An entertainment industry insider said.

The first is Koichi Domoto, 44, of KinKi Kids. Since his debut, he has demonstrated his talent without regret in various fields, including acting, variety, music, and stage. The late Mr. Janey highly appreciated his talent and nurtured him with great care. He is also a close friend of such greats as Takuro Yoshida (77) and Tatsuro Yamashita (70), and has built a close relationship with them by producing and directing the stage productions of the younger members of the office. He is now the spiritual pillar of the company, and his presence is indispensable in keeping the chaotic office together.

Koichi Domoto is highly trusted by his younger colleagues. His every move is attracting attention in the industry, with reports of his “retirement from show business” abounding.

The second key person is also a person who is trusted by his juniors.

He is Tadayoshi Okura (38) of Kanjani Eight. He is in charge of directing and producing all of Kansai Johnny’s Jr. including Naniwa Danshi. Like Koichi Domoto, he is now a trusted figure among the young talents in the group.

However, when Shibuya Subaru (42) left the group in 2006, he said, “The balance that I had maintained so well suddenly collapsed, and my heart was worn out and close to its limit. If he should leave, not only will the group not survive, but another person will disappear to unite the junior talents.

The third group to be mentioned is Snow Man, the current breadwinner of the office. With over 1.2 million members in their fan club, they are the most popular group still active today.

The group debuted with all the expectations placed on them by Hideaki Takizawa, 41, the current president of TOBE, when he was serving as the vice president of the office and wielding his shrewd skills. He lived up to the expectations. Although there were rumors that he would leave the company after Takizawa became independent, the main reason he stayed with Johnny’s was because he enjoyed the benefits of TV exposure.

Therefore, it would not be surprising if their own ideas changed drastically as the stations reassessed their appearances. If they were to leave, not only would the firm lose a major earner, but the uncertain financial situation of the firm would worsen even further, and immeasurable damage would surely be inflicted.

After 61 years in business, Johnny’s’s is in a desperate situation. Will the three key players really determine the fate of the office? We cannot take our eyes off of them.

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