NHK is the first to “flip-flop” on the issue of Johnny’s’s sexual assault… “refusal” of the talent to appear is a concern. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

NHK is the first to “flip-flop” on the issue of Johnny’s’s sexual assault… “refusal” of the talent to appear is a concern.

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What do executives such as Noriyuki Higashiyama and Julie Fujishima think of NHK, which was the first to “cut Johnny’s”? ……

At a regular press conference held in late September, NHK Chairman Nobuo Inaba said, “As is the case in the past, the appearance of a talent on a TV program is already determined by contract,

At a regular press conference held in late September, NHK Chairman Nobuo Inaba said, “Talent who have already been contractually assigned to appear in our programs will continue to appear as before. New requests for appearances will not be made until it is confirmed that compensation for the victims and measures to prevent recurrence are being steadily implemented.

The company has stated clearly that it will not make any new requests for appearances.

On the other hand, the commercial broadcasters were troubled by a different aspect of the situation than NHK.

It goes without saying that sponsors come first for commercial TV stations, but we cannot ignore their wishes. When the sponsors decided to distance themselves from Johnny’s, everyone wondered what to do about the programs featuring Johnny’s talent.

But fortunately, none of the sponsors have said anything about the use of Johnny’s yet. Therefore, all stations are continuing with the current situation.

In addition, commercial broadcasters are also heard to express their “resentment” toward NHK, which is not influenced by commercial sponsors.

“Since NHK collects subscription fees, I think they have decided to exclude Johnny’s talent from their programs because they have to pay attention to the voices of their viewers. Recently, NHK has become more concerned about viewer ratings, but in extreme cases, there is no need to worry about programs being cancelled or production costs being cut even if viewer ratings are poor.

However, NHK has also used many Japanese celebrities in its dramas, and six groups participated in last year’s Kohaku (red and white), so it is true that many fans are angry at the sudden reversal of policy, as they had been relying on them for a large portion of NHK’s programming. It is true that many fans are angry at the sudden reversal of hands.

The announcement is said to have caused a conflict within NHK.

The “news bureau” was the main one that came up with such a policy, perhaps out of concern for public opinion. In contrast, the “production bureau” took the opposite position. No matter how many programs can be made without worrying about ratings, no TV person would make a program without regard to ratings from the beginning.

Even if a program does not get viewer ratings as a result, the goal is to create a program that everyone will watch. Many NHK employees are worried about what will happen if all the Japanese celebrities are eliminated.

With the compensation for the victims and the removal of the “Johnny’s” name, sponsors and commercial broadcasters may be able to continue using the former Johnny’s talent. What will NHK do?

“If it is confirmed, as the chairman said in his announcement, that ‘compensation for the victims and efforts to prevent recurrence are being steadily implemented,’ then I think their appearances will resume,” said one NHK official.

However, it does not seem to be that simple. However, it is not that simple.

In the past, they would appear on NHK programs all over the country,” he said. In the past, NHK was the only station that could be seen in all parts of the country and in all regions of the country. It used to be the goal of every up-and-coming talent or singer to be on NHK.

But times have changed. Commercial broadcasters can be seen in many areas, and as long as you have an Internet connection, you don’t need a TV. Moreover, NHK’s fees are cheap, and it is true that I no longer feel that there is any merit in appearing on NHK. Besides, even though the times have changed, the entertainment industry is still built on a foundation of “loyalty. ……” (a senior executive of a well-established entertainment company)

In other words, there is a possibility that the former Johnny’s talents will not accept the request from NHK, which has turned its back on them. If they do not appear in the Kohaku, NHK will be in deep trouble, as it will not be able to expect viewer ratings and there is a possibility that the Kohaku will be abolished.

How far will the issue of Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault ripple out? ……

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