Wanting to hold on to Sho Sakurai… Nippon TV’s programming executives were “first in line” to open the office of “SMILE-UP. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Wanting to hold on to Sho Sakurai… Nippon TV’s programming executives were “first in line” to open the office of “SMILE-UP.

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On the 23rd of this month, NTV held its regular president’s press conference at the station in Shiodome. At that time, President Akira Ishizawa revealed that on March 17, a senior programming executive of the station had visited the company in relation to the sexual assault issue at the former Johnny’s office (now “SMILE-UP.”). At the press conference, President Ishizawa explained that the reason for the visit was to “confirm future efforts,” but a source at the entertainment agency said that the visit had other aims.

On the day of the office opening, the head of Nippon TV’s programming department and a member of the executive bureau in charge of planning were the first to visit the office, bringing a bouquet of flowers and sweets. Originally, the head of the programming department was supposed to go as well, but his schedule didn’t work out. I think the purpose was to show their loyalty first and foremost.

The president’s office of “SMILE-UP.” was filled with many orchids and bouquets of flowers sent by other media companies. Immediately after Nippon TV, executives from other stations were also there.

In addition, the number of Johnny’s staff at Nippon TV has been increased, and they have been more “hospitable” than ever to those from the former Johnny’s office.

A sequel to Sakurai’s drama “Daihyoin Sukyo” (NTV), which aired in January 2011 and starred Sakurai, is already underway.

Even after the sexual assault was certified, the relationship has not changed at all from before. So far, the janitorial staff of each TV station has been silent, but behind the scenes they are in close contact with each other. In fact, I even get the feeling that the Johnny’s staff at each station has deepened their ties with the former Johnny’s office as a result of this incident” (see above).

The reason why Nippon TV is so downplaying the former Johnny’s is thought to be due to the upcoming broadcast of “Best Artist,” a music special program that has a high viewer rating of about 15% every year.

The head of Nippon TV’s programming department, who visited “SMILE-UP.” on the 17th, was the chief producer of “Bessua” until June of this year, and carried Sho Sakurai (41) as the overall host of “Bessua” again this year. The reason why Nittele did not allow Sakurai to comment on “SMILE-UP.” on “news zero,” the news program he anchors, on the 16th of this month was because they considered his continued hosting of “Bethua.

Nippon TV’s inability to come out strongly against Johnny’s is said to be due to a report on the 13th of this month on “ZIP!

JUMP’s Ryosuke Yamada (left) and Kanna Hashimoto (24) filming the drama “The King’s Dedication” (TBS). The show that gave Yamada her big break was “Tantei Gakuen Q,” produced and broadcast by Nippon Television Network Corporation.

When the show’s entertainment section reported that “Hey! Say! JUMP” would not sing their debut song “Ultra Music Power” in the future, the reason for this was that the song’s title included the words “Johnny’s” as in “J! JUMP” means “Johnny’s” in “Hey! Say! In the VTR that followed, a video from the “Hey! Say! JUMP” fan club was quoted and edited as if the members agreed with this intention,” said a TV station official.

As it turns out, this was a misleading move on Nippon TV’s part. The origin of “JUMP” was said to be a message that “we want this group to jumpstart the Heisei era.

The Nippon TV viewer center was inundated with complaint calls and e-mails from fans over this one incident. I also heard that, unusually, the former Johnny’s office also complained.

Fuma Kikuchi of “Sexy Zone” also starred in a Nippon TV fall-cool drama this year.

Nippon TV has already announced its fall program lineup, including “130 Million People’s SHOW Channel” with Sakurai, “Monday to Night Fakashi” with Shingo Murakami (41) of “Kanjani Eight”, “Kintore” with “King & Prince”, “Aha! Minna no Zoo”, “Nino-san” with Kazuya Ninomiya (40) and Fuma Kikuchi (28) of Sexy Zone, “TOKIO” and others in “The! DASH! DASH!” and other programs. On the same day as the press conference, we asked NTV about the visit to “SMILE-UP.” on October 17, which gave the impression of a connection between Nippon TV and the former Johnny’s office, and received the following response.

After the October press conference, we have continued to exchange opinions and engage in dialogue with the office, focusing on the written offer we have already made. On October 17, the day the company name was changed to SMILE-UP, which happened to be the same day, executives from the organization visited the office and pointed out and confirmed specifics, including details, so that the efforts announced and those required by the public would be implemented promptly and surely.

After the second press conference held by the former Johnny’s office, Nippon TV’s news bureau produced and aired a self-examination program. By investigating the sexual assault by the former Johnny’s office, the news station may be trying to appeal to its sponsors and maintain its relationship with the former Johnny’s office.

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