Misato Ugaki’s presence in the gym as she embraces both in academics and in sports | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Misato Ugaki’s presence in the gym as she embraces both in academics and in sports

Her serialized essays are attracting a lot of attention in the industry, and her reputation goes beyond acting!

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On an evening in late October, I spotted a beautiful woman with a sense of transparency in a corner of Shibuya Ward. Even with her black mask and cap on, she stands out with her clear eyes and silky hair. On her way to the training gym is freelance announcer Ugaki Misato (30).

After working out for about an hour, she stopped at a convenience store to buy a mini salad, ice cream and a small snack before disappearing to her apartment.

She also likes manga and anime, and usually spends most of her time at home, but she goes to the gym almost every day for her body makeup!

In the summer school this year, she appeared in the drama “She was beautiful” (Cantele Fuji) starring Fuka Koshiba (24) from the same agency, where she played the role of a bewitching editorial staff of a women’s magazine. She is making her debut as a full-fledged actress.

There were a number of supporting actors, but I think Ugaki made her presence felt. Her cute, slightly calculating, and devilish role was a perfect match for Ugaki’s usual character. In that respect, she was blessed with the role.” (A source at a major advertising agency)

There are other freelance announcers who are active as celebrities and actresses, but Ugaki’s real strength is actually her “writing ability.

This year marks the fifth year of her serialization in “Weekly Playboy,” which she started before she left TBS. His books published in 2007 and 2008 are both popular and have been heavily printed. Since ’19, she has also been writing a column for “Shukan Bunshun” and “Shukan SPA!

Kageyama Takahiko, a professor at Doshisha Women’s University’s Department of Media Creation, describes Ugaki’s writing as follows.

She may take a big leap forward as an essay writer in addition to being an actress. She has always been quite a reader, and she has a good knowledge of movies. Perhaps it is because she has always wanted to be a reporter, but she is used to writing, so her sentences have rhythm, are concise and easy to read. The fact that there are glimpses of her spoken words in some of the hard-edged sentences is probably the reason why readers are attracted to her.

Her column has also been well received in the industry.

Her serialized columns definitely rank in the top five for serials in reader surveys. This result in a weekly magazine with a large number of strict readers is proof that Ugaki’s writing talent is real.

I hope she will not stop at essays, but try her hand at novels and aim for the Akutagawa Prize.

In a TV drama, she played the role of an office worker who is engaged in marriage activities, dreaming of becoming a princess. Now that she has made her acting debut, we wonder what kind of role she will take on next.
Unpublished photo of Misato Ugaki on her way to the gym!
Miri Ugaki is caught on her way to the gym!

From FRIDAY November26, 2021 issue

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