Johnny’s’s press conference “NG list” and others… “Turn it around! The “bizarre identity” of the reporter who did not raise his hand but only made “comments”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s’s press conference “NG list” and others… “Turn it around! The “bizarre identity” of the reporter who did not raise his hand but only made “comments”.

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The second press conference has further eroded confidence in the Johnny’s’s office. ……

Johnny’s is once again in a tight spot. At a press conference held on the 2nd of this month, there was a “Nomination NG List”.

Johnny’s changed its name to “SMILE-UP.” as of the 17th. The company will close its business as soon as the compensation for the sex victims of the late Mr. Janie Kitagawa is completed.

A new company will be set up to provide compensation to the talent of the company, and the name of the company is open to the public. Most of the talents will sign an agent contract with the company.

The content of the press conference on March 7 was a far cry from the press conference held last month. The public reaction after the press conference was not bad; rather, bashing was directed at Tokyo Shimbun reporter Kinoshiko Mochizuki and others who asked questions to Noriyuki Higashiyama and Yoshihiko Inohara on the stage without a microphone. This development must have been a boon for Johnny’s.

However. It was revealed at the press conference that the journalists had been color-coded into two groups, the “NG reporters” and the “OK reporters,” and the news was widely reported, starting with NHK, that a list of “NG reporters” was in existence.

The names of the aforementioned reporter Mochizuki, journalist Eito Suzuki, and others were listed as “NG reporters,” while the names of Johnny’s’s purported reporter Chikako Komai, who had asked a question earlier in the day, and others were listed as “OK reporters.

In response, the Johnny’s s office issued an emergency statement on its official website on August 5. To paraphrase,

(1) The NG list was prepared by a foreign consulting firm that organized the press conference on the day of the event.
(2) We were aware of the existence of the NG list, but declined the offer.
(3) We demanded an apology from the consulting firm.
(4) Johnny’s is partly to blame for hiring the consulting firm.

The following is a summary of the report.

However, regarding (2), in the announcement to the press on the 4th, Inohara asked the consulting firm that brought the NG list, “What does this mean?

What do you mean by this? You definitely have to guess.

The consulting firm was notified that they had to guess the list. The consulting firm replied, “Well, let’s try to guess the second half instead of the first half.

The consultants replied, “Then we will try to guess in the second half of the day, not the first half.

The consultants replied, “Then we will try to hit it in the second half, not the first half. In his statement on the 5th, he said

I will try to guess the right answer. I will try to hit it in the second half.

The agency official said. A source at the agency said, “Everything is behind the scenes.

Everything is going backwards and backfiring. I am surprised that Johnny’s, which has dominated the entertainment industry, is ‘so shallow’ in the area of crisis management. Maybe they don’t know because they have been given special treatment so far. Anyway, when the NG list came out, that press conference counted for nothing. Many of our clients are demanding proper accountability.”

There were other points of concern at the press conference besides the NG list. The TV reporter who actually covered the event said

A TV reporter who actually covered the press conference declared, “It was obvious that Mr. Mochizuki was being marked.

Not only was she on the NG list, but every time she spoke without a microphone, several men in the audience asked her, “Moderator, please do your job.

The moderator, turn it around!

Turn the microphone to the back of the room!

and “Turn the microphone to the back of the room!

What is puzzling is that the male journalists did not raise their hands. I think he meant to say, ‘Turn to the back of the room,’ as if he was asking for the reporter behind him to be nominated, but the person he was asking for didn’t raise his hand.

I think there were several people in the audience who were shouting but did not raise their hands. It was a strange scene.

Other online reports also pointed out the high rate of masks worn by the appointed reporters. Perhaps they were simply preventing new coronas and other infectious diseases. ……

The TV station is currently checking the press conference from beginning to end to see if there were any other oddities. They are even targeting the staff behind the scenes. We have even caught them whispering amongst themselves to each other, who were only on the sidelines.

In the first place, how is it possible for a consulting company to make a list of NG/OK nominees at its own discretion? Johnny’s has no other choice but to hold a press conference to make the “third time is the charm”.


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