Actresses playing opposite Johnny’s… “Surprising female” names that will have more opportunities to appear due to the disappearance of “discovery” in casting. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Actresses playing opposite Johnny’s… “Surprising female” names that will have more opportunities to appear due to the disappearance of “discovery” in casting.

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Will they be even busier in the future?

Johnny’s held a press conference in Tokyo on February 2 in response to the sexual assault case of its founder, the late former president, Johnny Kitagawa. The current Johnny’s office has changed its name to “SMILE-UP.” and specializes only in compensating victims. In addition, a new agent company will be established to sign contracts with individual talents and groups. The company also announced that the name of the new company will be publicly solicited by the fan club.

The new company will be named after a fan club. “Agent contracts are common in Europe and the United States, but are not very familiar in the Japanese entertainment industry. Talent who sign a contract can choose their own work, and the new agency only receives a commission. Until now, the talent could simply leave all work to Johnny’s, but the environment has changed, and the talent’s “individual power” is now being questioned.

Until now, Johnny’s has had a great deal of influence over not only the casting of its own talent, but also in the selection of co-stars. This was also revealed in an accusation made by Akira Kuramoto, 88, a scriptwriter known for the drama “Kita no Kuni Kara” (Fuji Television Network).

In an article in Zaikai Online published on September 24, Kuramoto wrote, “Some years ago, when I tried to cast an up-and-coming actress in a TV program, the TV station asked me to wait.

The TV station apologetically told me that the actress had had a bit of trouble with a Johnny’s celebrity and threatened to pull all Johnny’s-related talent from your station if I used her, and that’s why I couldn’t use her. I was stunned by their arrogance,” she revealed.

It is a well-known fact that the actresses who were used to play opposite Johnny’s celebrities had to be “courtesan actresses” who satisfied the wishes of former honorary chairman Mary Kitagawa, who had passed away. As Mr. Kuramoto testified, he was not allowed to have any relationships with Johnny’s celebrities, former relationships, or actresses photographed by weekly magazines or photo magazines.

Although the restrictions were loosened in the later years of Mr. Merry’s life, Johnny’s gave top priority to using actresses who were unlikely to develop a romantic relationship for the sake of their own talent’s fans.

However, in the future, when Johnny’s’ talents transfer their registration to the new company and work with them, the new company will probably be unlikely to interfere with the casting of co-stars of the talents with whom they have agent contracts. In that case, the actresses who are likely to attract attention as co-stars are said to be acting actresses who have often worked with those actors who are a major force in the ex-SMAP group.

Former SMAP members Goro Inagaki (49), Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (49), and Shingo Katori (46), in their “New Map,” are seeking higher quality productions, and former SMAP chief manager Michi Iijima, who leads the three, has carefully selected their co-stars.

What is of interest there are the actresses that Mr. Iijima says he appreciates. Machiko Ono (41), who co-stars with Kusanagi and Katori in a movie, Haruka Igawa (47), who co-starred with Kusanagi in the drama “War of the Trap” in January this year, Yukino Kishii (31), who co-starred with Katori in the movie “Inu mo mekuneta dou Charlie wa nora” (2010), and Yukino Inagaki in the movie “At the Window” ( Tina Tamaki (25), who co-starred with Inagaki in the film “At the Window” (’22), is especially highly rated.

Originally, Igawa had a bitter experience with former SMAP member Takuya Kimura (50) in Fuji’s Tsuki 9 drama “Sora kara furu 100 million no hoshi” (2002), when she was so busy at the time that she made Kimura wait for a while before putting her own schedule ahead of his. Iijima knew the situation at the time. Iijima, who was well aware of the situation at the time, has now taken advantage of it. Tamaki has experience working with Johnny’s, but he was perfect in the role opposite Inagaki,” said a staff member of the TV station’s drama team.

Depending on the future of Johnny’s, the faces of the actresses who will be used in the film productions may change drastically.

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Ono on location for “Screaming” (WOWOW). In the last 2-3 years, he has appeared in many movies and BS (Jan. ’19).
Igawa appeared in “Is it a Sustainable Love? ~Father and Daughter Marriage March~ (TBS), in which he played a plastic surgeon with a bone fetish. Smiling when the cameras are not rolling (May ’22)
Kishii had a very successful year last year with five movies and four dramas. Her naturalistic acting has been highly acclaimed (June ’23).
Tamaki co-starred with Inagaki in “At the Window” last year, and also co-starred with Kis-My-Ft2’s Yuta Tamamori in a drama (at the Tokyo International Film Festival, October ’22).
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