Takuya Kimura’s statement denying the “Bunshun Gun” (a Japanese term for a gun that is used in the spring of 1945), timed to coincide with his explanation of the “Johnny’s NG list,” is a “strange” feeling. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takuya Kimura’s statement denying the “Bunshun Gun” (a Japanese term for a gun that is used in the spring of 1945), timed to coincide with his explanation of the “Johnny’s NG list,” is a “strange” feeling.

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Takuya Kimura refuted the Bunshun report head-on. But Johnny’s was denounced on the “NG List” and ……

The confusion at Johnny’s shows no sign of abating.

At a press conference held on October 2, he clearly stated that the Johnny’s office would be closed down in the future, a change from his press conference last month. The last press conference was followed by a domino effect of “contract review” by disappointed clients, but this time, NHK appears to be taking a wait-and-see approach.

On the other hand, NHK reported on the existence of a “list of “no-nominees” at the press conference on April 4. It is now possible that it was not “mere coincidence” that the reporters in the front rows raised their hands but were not nominated at all.

The Johnny’s s office updated its official website on May 5, denying all involvement in the series of allegations. It claims that the “NG list” was created at the sole discretion of the foreign consulting company that organized the press conference.

On the same day, a statement refuting some media reports about Takuya Kimura was also posted.

The issue was triggered by an article in the “Shukan Bunshun” (weekly magazine) released on the 5th. Even after it was decided to change the company name from Johnny’s to “SMILE-UP. and that Kimura’s motivation was declining as one of the reasons for the postponement of the shooting of the special drama series “Kyobo” (Fuji TV) in which he starred. In response, the company said

A recent article in a weekly magazine reported that Takuya Kimura, a TV personality belonging to the company, had resisted the decision to change the company’s name, saying, “Why are you changing it? and that he is not satisfied with the decision to change the company name, and that he has stopped the filming of a TV drama because he is not motivated, saying that now is not the right time for it.

He mentioned that there were reports such as, “I am not convinced that he is resisting,

He denied all such reports.

He completely denied the allegations. On top of that, he said of Kimura

He was always close to the hearts of the victims and anxious artists and talents, such as actively consulting with his juniors and taking the initiative in urging our company to change its name in consideration of the feelings of those who had suffered.

He also stated, “We have always been close to the hearts of the affected people and anxious talents and artists,

We are extremely distressed that such an article has appeared in the midst of our plan to conclude an agent contract with a newly established company as soon as it is ready, in anticipation of a drastic reform of our company in the future.

The company reported, “We are very sorry to hear about this.

A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper feels uncomfortable about this.

He said, “It’s fine for him to deny the Bunshun report outright, but what bothers me is what follows. What bothers me is the part after that where he appeals that “Kimura has contributed so much. I feel that there is no need to be anything else here.

In addition, Mr. Kimura announces that he will sign an agent contract with the new company, even though the company name change and the launch of the new company on the 17th have not yet taken place. It is troubling that the content conveys Mr. Kimura’s “manly” spirit in every way.

Noriyuki Higashiyama, who will assume the presidency of SMILE and the new company, has been reported in the Weekly Bunshun and other publications for his alleged harassment in the past and his “unusual relationship” with the late Mitsuko Mori, and he has denied it each time.

He has not issued a statement denying the reports about the new president, Higashiyama. The office’s quick response to Mr. Kimura is remarkable for that reason. I felt as if I could understand how necessary and special Mr. Kimura is to Johnny’s.” (A reporter from a sports newspaper)

It is reported that Kimura remained at Johnny’s during the SMAP breakup scandal in 2004 and was thanked by the late vice president, Mary Kitagawa. In recent years, he has had a great deal of influence within the office and is said to be treated as “exceptional” within the company.

On the official website of Johnny’s, amidst the announcements related to the sexual assaults by the late Mr. Kitagawa, an “announcement” regarding some of the news reports about Kimura is conspicuous. Does this mean that the new Johnny’s will revolve around Kimura?

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