Seiya Suzuki’s “6.8 Billion Yen Challenge to the Majors” Supported by His Wife, Airi’s Amazing Behavior | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Seiya Suzuki’s “6.8 Billion Yen Challenge to the Majors” Supported by His Wife, Airi’s Amazing Behavior

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The two shots were taken in late July 2007, just before they joined the family. They already looked like a married couple as they saw off their friends.

Seiya Suzuki of Hiroshima ( 27 Suzuki Seiya (27) of Hiroshima is moving toward the realization of his dream.

On November 16, Suzuki announced that he would challenge the majors. If he moves to the majors through the posting system, it is inevitable that several teams will fight for him. The Rangers, Mariners, Giants, Mets, Nationals, and other teams have already expressed their interest in acquiring him. 60 A total of $60 million (approx. 6.8 billion yen. The contract is expected to be worth around 60 million dollars (about 6.8 billion yen).

Suzuki’s supporters are Suzuki is supported by his wife, Airi (maiden name: Hatakeyama), whom he married in August 2007. Suzuki is supported by his wife, Airi (maiden name: Hatakeyama), whom he married in August 2007. Airi is an athlete who competed in two Olympics, London and Rio, as a member of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Fairly Japan. Since retiring, she has been active as a model and sportscaster.

“Seiya first became aware that he wanted to play in the majors. In 19 He was a member of the “Premier 12 It was during the “Premier 12” in 2007 that Seiya first became aware that he wanted to challenge the majors. After getting married to Airi, a rhythmic gymnast with a lot of experience living abroad, Seiya had more opportunities to compete on the world stage with Samurai Japan, which probably heightened his awareness. He says that his desire to become a bigger player has become stronger.

Background of graduating from sports programs before the Tokyo Olympics

The preparations for her move to the majors had been steadily going on behind the scenes. Airi’s behavior confirms this. September 2008 In September 2008, she left NHK, where she had been a reporter for two and a half years. NHK In September 2008, she graduated from NHK’s “Sunday Sports,” where she had been a reporter for two and a half years.

“I was wondering why this was the right time for me to graduate, since I had a big event coming up the following year, the Tokyo Olympics. I found out about Airi’s intentions when she moved out of her Tokyo apartment in February after the new year. By moving completely to Hiroshima, not only the fans but also those involved were convinced that she had started preparing to go to the majors.” (Sports journalist)

Since the beginning of this year, he has also been interacting with the wives of former major leaguers.

He has been in contact with the wives of former major leaguers since the beginning of this year. “I had a radio interview with Mio, the wife of Seibu Lions coach Akito Matsui, and we hit it off, saying, ‘I’ve always wanted to meet her. I’ve always wanted to meet her,’ he said. She is a good cook and gives him advice on her recipes and her experience in the major leagues.

He has also been in contact with Sachi, the wife of Yakult player Nobuchika Aoki and former TV TOKYO analyst, and Sahho, the wife of Twins pitcher Kenta Maeda, a senior member of the Carp. SNS All of them are hoping to move to the majors in the near future. All of these actions must have been taken with an eye toward a move to the majors in the near future.

She and Moe Soejima, an analyst for “Sunday Sports,” who has a wealth of experience in reporting, celebrate each other’s birthdays and are as close as sisters. She is said to be so close to Seiya that he calls her “sister Mei.

“I heard that Airi is relearning English and is also studying hard at kimono dressing, ceramics and cooking. As an athlete, she has played many games overseas and is very good at controlling her mental state. I think he is a really reliable partner for Seiya.

There are many differences between Japan and the majors, such as how to deal with the media and how to get along with the wives. But I’m sure Seiya and his wife will be reassured by the support of their senior Japanese wives in the majors.

For the past two seasons, due to the Covid-19 disaster, the team was unable to sing the cheering song or do the Carp’s signature squatting cheer. Some of the fans were sad, saying they wished they could have sung that song again to send him off, but many of them cheered him on, saying he would be fine with Airi.

Suzuki’s classmate, Shohei Ohtani of the Angels November November November 19 on November 19 with a full vote. MVP on November 19. Along with Otani and Yoshitomo Tsutsugo of the Pirates, Suzuki’s success is likely to be a major topic of conversation next year.

The two came out of the tower apartment the next day. Hatakeyama has changed his clothes, but Suzuki is still dressed as he was last night.
After seeing off their friend, the two disappeared into the apartment building in a friendly manner.
Hatakeyama, who had a reputation for being beautiful during her playing days, became a sports news anchor for NHK after her retirement.
Suzuki’s large body makes him stand out in a crowd.
Suzuki is said to be a simple man, but he seems to be very happy when he is with Hatakeyama.
Suzuki had a batting average of .317 and hit 38 home runs this season, making him the team’s leading hitter.
In August 2007, he entered into marriage and had a wedding ceremony in Hawaii.
Suzuki sees off Hatakeyama’s friend. It is impressive that he bowed his head politely and greeted them.
  • Photo by Takahiro Kagawa

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