The day when the “Internet strategy,” which Johnny’s hates, will become a lifeline. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The day when the “Internet strategy,” which Johnny’s hates, will become a lifeline.

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President Noriyuki Higashiyama, who held two press conferences, and Yoshihiko Inohara, who will become vice president

On October 2, Johnny’s s held its second press conference. Although former president Keiko Fujishima did not attend, new president Noriyuki Higashiyama and newly appointed vice president Yoshihiko Inohara took the stage.

At the press conference, Higashiyama declared that the name “Johnny’s” would be dropped. The current company will change its name to “Smile Up” and become a company that only aims to compensate and care for victims. He also announced the establishment of a new production company with no capital ties to Johnny’s or Mr. Julie to handle management and training.

If they had made these announcements at the September press conference, the public and sponsors would have had a different impression. In fact, since the first press conference, the company’s name and management body were left unchanged, which was the opposite of the “dismantling and restructuring” that had been recommended by a team of outside experts, many companies said, “No.” This was the exact opposite of the “dismantling and restructuring” recommended by a team of outside experts, and many companies rejected the idea.

(TV station insider) “Although Julie Fujishima will remain a 100% shareholder of Smile Up, she will not be involved in any of the production operations. He has also stated that the company will be dismantled when its role in the company ends. In other words, this will be the end of Johnny’s. ……

The sponsor companies, while giving a certain amount of credit to the announcement, are not so sure about using their talents in commercials right away.

The impact of the announcement was not so great as to bring back the sponsors who had once said “No. Since public opinion has become distrustful of the current management after the first press conference, most companies are probably taking a wait-and-see attitude.

Until compensation is made in a way that satisfies the victims and it is clear that compensation and psychological care are being provided, it will be difficult to raise a hand as a sponsor,” said an advertising agency official.

Naturally, as sponsors are reluctant to use Japanese celebrities, it is difficult for commercial TV stations, which depend on advertising revenue, to use them in their programs.

The key will be the Internet strategy,” said one YouTuber.

A source at a YouTube agency said as much.

Until the end, the Johnny’s office was reluctant to go online, but now the talents are running SNS and YouTube channels. In particular, “Janino-channer,” a YouTube channel led by Kazuya Ninomiya of “Arashi” with Yuichi Nakamaru of KAT-TUN, Ryosuke Yamada of Hey!

In 2010, members of Janino-channeru became the main personalities on “24-Hour TV” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). As a unit that transcends group boundaries, the group is recognized by people other than fans. In other words, the Johnny’s office can no longer ignore the power of the Internet, which it has long shunned.

It is said that Fuji Television will not broadcast the annual “countdown concert” held on New Year’s Eve this year. However, fans are demanding that it be broadcast online, even if they have to pay a fee. In any case, many of Johnny’s contents, such as their shows and concerts, have a high ability to attract viewers. By expanding online, they can cover for the loss of TV exposure, and of course, they can expect to earn income from the Internet.

Today’s young people are truly the generation that “trusts the Internet more than TV. The Internet, which Johnny’s hated until the very end, may become their lifeline.

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