Behind Noriyuki Higashiyama’s announcement of his retirement from show business, Yoshihiko Inohara is doing very well in both his professional and private life. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind Noriyuki Higashiyama’s announcement of his retirement from show business, Yoshihiko Inohara is doing very well in both his professional and private life.

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Akihiko Inohara, whose work and private life are on a roll.

The former Johnny’s s. office was relaunched on October 17 as “SMILE-UP.” in response to the sexual assault scandal involving the company’s founder, Johnny Kitagawa. In order to concentrate on compensating the victims, the company will establish a new agent company that will sign individual contracts with talents.

Noriyuki Higashiyama, who was expected to become the president of the new company, has declined the appointment of the agent company and will concentrate on compensating the victims. Meanwhile, 20th Century’s Inohara Yoshihiko, who is expected to take over as vice president, is “traveling around the country with his talent and management business,” according to an entertainment writer.

The name of the new company was open to fan club members, and the deadline was October 31. While people inside and outside the industry were paying attention to the announcement of the new structure, around the end of October, some weekly magazines and sports papers reported that Higashiyama had given up the idea of becoming the president of the new company. In his place, the name of Jun Fukuda, president of the consulting company “Speedy,” which acts as an agent for the actress “Non,” surfaced.

Higashiyama, who now bears the “negative legacy” left by Mr. Janney, has announced that he will retire from show business at the end of this year. However, he has already had major work in store for the end of the year, and from October 8 to 31, he starred in the stage production of “Chocolate Donuts” at the PARCO Theater in Tokyo. The production is scheduled to tour Osaka, Kumamoto, Miyagi, and Aichi from November 3-23. He also has his own dinner show coming up in December.

Sankei Sports dated November 1 reported, “According to several sources, he has given up his dual role as president of the two companies and a celebrity, and will entrust the agent company to a management professional” (original text in Japanese, same below). As of November 20, “SMILE-UP.” has not made any official comment on Higashiyama’s future, but details of the new company are expected to be revealed in the near future.

In the midst of all this, Inohara has been extremely busy with his two-footed business. (formerly Johnny’s Island), which is mainly in charge of training juniors (formerly Johnny’s Jr.), and has been concurrently working as the president of the talent agency, but is now also the vice president of “SMILE-UP.

Even as Higashiyama was reported to be stepping down as president of the new company, Inohara was still looking after the former Johnny’s talent while also taking care of his own business.

According to a blog on the members-only website FAMILY CLUB web (dated October 29), Inohara saw Higashiyama’s stage play “Chocolate Donuts” during the day the day before. After the show, she returned to her office and went to see the final performance of the play “Boys Through the Darkness,” starring Junior’s “Bishonen.

Furthermore, according to his blog dated January 31, he went to Osaka on a one-day trip and “met with the children I am in charge of and their parents. Probably, he greeted the parents of the Kansai Junior high school students and their parents. I hope to meet you all again. I hope we can have a barbecue someday,” he wrote, showing his concern for the Kansai juniors.

Speaking of Inohara, he is also active as a member of 20th Century with Masayuki Sakamoto and Hiroshi Nagano, and the cafe “Cafe 20th Century” (Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), produced by the three, just opened on November 1.

In the October 31 issue of “Josei Jishin” (Kobunsha), the magazine “Yoshihiko Inohara: Emasai’s Cafe Opens! In late October, about 60 people related to the cafe were invited, and 20th Century members were also present.

On that day, Inohara left the restaurant around 3:00 p.m. and returned around 7:00 p.m. He seemed ‘very rushed. In the article, an acquaintance of Inohara’s said, “She was probably doing other work in between. I hear that she has been working every minute of every day recently.

We await the official announcement of what role Inohara, who will continue to work as a TV personality, will play at “SMILE-UP.” and at the new company.

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