Huge sponsors are disappointed with the apology press conference! TV follows suit, “beginning of the end” of Johnny’s’s empire. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Huge sponsors are disappointed with the apology press conference! TV follows suit, “beginning of the end” of Johnny’s’s empire.

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Former president Julie Fujishima remaining as representative director was also controversial.

Finally, the collapse of the Johnny’s office has begun.

Following the press conference by Johnny’s on September 7, one company after another has begun to exclude Johnny’s talents from their advertisements.

Japan Airlines, which currently uses members of “Arashi” in its advertisements, including Matsumoto Jun (40 ), who is currently starring in NHK’s historical drama, announced that it would not use any Johnny’s celebrities for the time being. Tokio Marine & Nichido, which also features Masaki Aiba (40 ) of Arashi in its commercials, has announced that it will not renew its contract. Asahi Beer, which features a total of six Johnny’s talents, including Okada Junichi (42) andIkuta Toma (38) withYamada Ryosuke (30 ) and Kikuchi Fuma Kikuchi (28 ), has also stated that it will not renew contracts with Johnny’s talents once their current contracts end, until it is clear how the new regime will help victims.

McDonald’s Japan, which employs Takuya Kimura (50), the actual leader in the talent pecking order following the appointment of Noriyuki Higashiyama (56) as president, also announced that it would not renew contracts after the expiration of his contract. The same goes for Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare. Since then, Sapporo HD, Mos Food Service, Meiji, and other major companies have announced that they will distance themselves from Johnny’s office on a daily basis.

Kikuchi, who is active in a variety of fields, including drama and variety, is also facing headwinds.

This trend is likely to accelerate quickly from now on.

An employee of a major advertising agency commented, “The press conference was the decisive factor. It was a surprise that President Julie Fujishima (57) would remain as representative director, but above all, the decision to retain the name ‘Janey’ was significant. It seems that the companies that had been using the talent had no choice but to part ways with Johnny’s,” he said.

Especially for foreign-affiliated companies and global companies that are expanding overseas, the relationship with Johnny’s could be fatal.

As long as they are doing business in foreign countries, and considering the importance of compliance these days, there is no way they can work with an office bearing the name of Janie Kitagawa, who is said to have committed a sex crime that is rare even in the world, with hundreds of victims. This is because the sense of human rights of companies working with Johnny’s is questionable,” said an employee of an advertising agency.

Furthermore, if major companies stop using talent from Johnny’s, it is the TV stations that will be most affected.

A producer at a key station said, “Actually, even before the press conference, the direction was to gradually exclude Johnny’s from future programs.

“It was reported that if you listed Johnny’s talent as a regular performer in a proposal for a new program, the proposal would not be approved,” said a producer at a key station. This is expected to accelerate with this press conference and the continued policy of companies to distance themselves from Johnny’s.” (The same producer)

Yamada is currently starring in a commercial for Clear Asahi. ……

And the first station that is expected to make a move to remove Johnny’s is, surprisingly, a station that has had a close relationship with Johnny’s. “Fuji Television is expected to be the first to make a move to remove Johnny’s from the list.

Fuji Television. Fuji Television has always valued the Japanese celebrities. In fact, they have been at the mercy of Johnny’s since the World Cup volleyball tournament and the public apology on “Suma Suma. However, Fuji TV, which is in dire straits with advertising revenues plummeting, is in a life-and-death situation if companies will not sponsor its programs. The trend is beginning to shift away from corporate sponsorship of programs if they use Johnny’s talent, and Fuji, unable to turn its back on the Japanese, has been forced to take the helm to actively exclude Johnny’s from its programs. It is quite ironic,” said a key station programming staffer.

Furthermore, Le Monde, a major French newspaper, has criticized Fuji for appointing Sho Sakurai, 41, of Arashi, as the ambassador of the Japanese national team for the Rugby World Cup. Johnny’s has become infamous not only in English-speaking countries but also in French-speaking countries. The trend of global companies eliminating Johnny’s has only just begun.

Will Sakurai be able to continue to work in commercials, dramas, and above all, as an anchor for an information program?
  • Photo by Kazuhiko Nakamura (press conference) Photographed by Yusuke Kondo (Kikuchi, Sakurai) Photography Yoshito Murata (Yamada)

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