I eat ramen noodles four times a week”…AI-generated? Nagi Fujisaki, “The Last Future Girl”: “I’m quite human inside.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I eat ramen noodles four times a week”…AI-generated? Nagi Fujisaki, “The Last Future Girl”: “I’m quite human inside.”

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We hit the artist who has been the subject of controversy for allegedly being a “fictitious beautiful girl created by ″AI!
In fact, she eats ramen four times a week and loves to drink alone at home!

Although Fujisaki says she is not good in the sun, she showed her professionalism by doing her best to respond to the photographer’s instructions under the scorching 35℃-plus sun!

I was going to delete the post right away. I never dreamed that I would attract so much attention.

It was in July of this year that the name of Nagi Fujisaki (23) of the two-member music unit “Girls of the Final Future” spread quickly. When Fujisaki posted a photo of herself in school uniform on X (formerly Twitter), the buzz was so great that it was said she looked like an “AI-generated beauty.

Before AI-generated beauties became popular, they were said to look like game characters because of the size of their eyes and the shape of their ears, but nowadays they are exclusively AI. I am honestly happy to hear all the kind comments, but there were also comments such as ″AI is totally cuter. I used to be the type to buy a fight that was sold to me, but now that I’ve grown up, I’m able to go through with it (laughs).”

Fujisaki moved to Tokyo from Hokkaido when she was 16 to become a voice actor. For a time, she worked for a big-name comedian.

She was a member of an idol group produced by atsushi Tamura, 49, of “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2. But actually, rather than being active as an idol, I wanted to hone my skills under Jun and become a voice actor for anime. Of course I enjoyed being an idol, but I still want to work as a voice actor someday.”

Incidentally, she says that her goal as an artist is to become a “legend.

I love Akina Nakamori (58). I love Akina Nakamori (58), partly because I simply like her face, but also because she has a mischievous charm. It has often been said that she has a shadowy image compared to Seiko Matsuda (61), but when I watch her on old variety shows, I see that she smiles a lot. Her smile is charming, but the gap between her cool and cool look while she sings is very cute. I want to be an artist like Akina, who has a strong will.

Fujisaki is no different in that there is a gap between her cool appearance and what is inside. She has a human touch that is far removed from that of an AI.

In fact, I eat ramen four times a week. After work, I enjoy eating Ike-kei ramen with a lot of garlic (laughs). I also love to drink. I drink beer at home with ham, cheese, and sliced tomatoes as snacks. On the other hand, I am not very good at drinking with a large group, so I rarely go out to drink. I do yakiniku by myself, and basically I tend to go out alone.

Her taste in pets is also unique.

I don’t have a pet now, but I used to have a frog. I used to have a frog that used to live in front of my house, as if it was waiting for me to come home, and I couldn’t help but think it was cute. It was a frog about the size of my palm. And snakes, I love snakes. But I haven’t had a snake for a while now because I was traumatized by the death of a snake I had that choked on a mouse that I was feeding it.

The ″AI riot″ has succeeded in raising his profile without a figure. What kind of future vision does Fujisaki have in mind?

I’m currently putting all my energy into a music unit called “Final Future Girl,” and I want to do my best so that I can deliver my songs to as many people as possible. Someday I would also like to try voice acting. I really like anime, and anime has saved me a lot of times when I was going through hard times. I would like to give back to anime, even if only a little. Also, I like cosplay, so I would like to do some cosplay work.”

On the August 20 broadcast of the information program “Sunday Japon” (TBS), Fujisaki announced that she is a single mother of two children. She became a big topic of conversation again, and her name recognition rose even higher. What kind of topics will the humanistic Fujisaki provide us with next? We can only look forward to what she has in store for us in the future.

Nagi Fujisaki (from the music unit “Final Future Girl”) confesses, “I’m quite human inside (laughs).
Nagi Fujisaki (from the music unit “Koto Mirai Shoujo”) confesses, “I smell quite human inside (laugh).

From the September 8, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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