Hospital transport surges in the U.S….Babies, the elderly, and pets must be careful! Japan is no stranger to heat wave burns. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hospital transport surges in the U.S….Babies, the elderly, and pets must be careful! Japan is no stranger to heat wave burns.

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Burns as Scary as Heat Stroke This Summer

As the heat wave lingers in the U.S., the number of patients suffering from severe burns from touching hot ground or objects has skyrocketed. Arizona experienced a record heat wave, with 24 days of temperatures exceeding 43 degrees Celsius, setting a new record for the longest such streak. Asphalt temperatures in the state can reach 82 degrees. Doctors at the Arizona Burn Center told the BBC that the 45 beds in the burn ward are full, with one-third of the beds occupied by patients who fell to the ground and sustained burns.

Japan is no exception. The average temperature in July nationwide was 1.91 degrees Celsius above normal, and 3.0 degrees Celsius higher in central Tokyo, making it the hottest July in recorded history. There were a total of 13 extremely hot days (35°C or higher) in central Tokyo, the most ever in July, and the disaster-level heat shows no sign of abating in August.

Nobuko Yoshiki, a dermatologist and director of the Yoshiki Ginza Clinic, warned that danger lurks even in our immediate surroundings.

Touching something at 50 degrees Celsius for about three minutes can cause burns,” she says. If pressure is applied, or in areas where blood flow to the skin is poor, such as the ankles of the feet, burns are more likely to occur. There is a danger of getting a cold burn from sitting on a hot bench or from walking barefoot on a sandy beach and burning the soles of your feet.

A healthy person will not touch something for three minutes if it is hot, but be careful of babies who cannot tell when they are hot and the elderly, whose senses are weakened. There have been cases in the past where a child seat in a car parked in the hot sun was so hot that a baby sitting in it suffered burns. Other items in the sun, such as strollers that have been left outside for a while or playground equipment at the park, are also hot, so it is important not to touch them or allow them to be touched unintentionally.

Humans are not the only ones who need to be careful during a heat wave. Pets can also die from heat stroke,” says Dr. Registatomi Matsunami, deputy director of Matsunami Veterinary Hospital Medical Center (Nagoya City).

We actually encounter two to three cases of death from heat stroke every year. I have the impression that dogs, which are often taken outside for walks and other outdoor activities, suffer more heat stroke cases than cats. In particular, short-headed breeds, such as French bulldogs, have short noses and are not good at ventilation, making them susceptible to heat stroke.

To prevent serious illness, it is important to watch your pet closely so as not to miss the signs of SOS. Dogs may breathe heavily to release body heat, or if it gets too severe, they may not be able to stand up. Cats are more difficult to recognize than dogs, but even cats may breathe with their mouths open when ventilation is not working properly. It is important to be aware of this symptom when it occurs.

Cats should not be complacent because they are kept in an air-conditioned house. Matsunami continues.

Some children do not like the wind from the air conditioner. They move to the window to avoid the wind, and if the curtains are open or the temperature near the window is high, they may suffer heat stroke there. Some people keep their pets inside a gauge when they leave them unattended, but this time of year it is better to let them free to some extent so that they can move to a cooler place.

However, if you allow them to be completely free, they may move to a hotter place in the opposite direction. If you close the curtains in an air-conditioned room, close the doors, and keep them out of areas that are not air-conditioned, I think you can prevent a lot of situations where they end up getting heat stroke indoors.”

Summer is still in full swing. We are still in the midst of the summer season, and we need to live carefully to avoid falling into unexpected pitfalls.

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