Anxious to Johnny’s… “a crossroads where actors make waves” as evidenced by Meguro Ren’s high tension and Eiji Akachu’s okute casting. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Anxious to Johnny’s… “a crossroads where actors make waves” as evidenced by Meguro Ren’s high tension and Eiji Akachu’s okute casting.

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Meguro’s performance in SILENT was well received. ……

Johnny’s and Tristone. They are two of the most famous entertainment companies in Japan with a large number of good looking talents. However, there is a big difference in the marketing strategies of their talents.

This summer, the only Johnny’s’s actor to be cast in a prime-time drama series is Snow Man Meguro Ren (26) of 26 Snow Man’s Ren Meguro (26) is playing the lead role in this summer’s golden-zone drama series. Speaking of Meguro, he played a role in last winter’s drama “ silent (Fuji TV), in which he played the role of a deaf young man. He was recently featured in the recently published women’s magazine ViVi of the women’s magazine “ViVi ViVi” magazine’s ranking of the best looking men in the first half of 2011. He is one of the most promising talents of the moment, and was recently crowned king of the women’s magazine ViVi’s ranking of the best looking men in the first half of 2011.

However …… He is also a member of the “The Hottest Stars”.

The drama “Trillion Game” (TBS), in which he is playing the lead role, is scheduled to premiere on Friday. TBS The role in the Friday drama “Trillion Game” (TBS), in which he plays the lead role, is unusually high-tension. …… I am very happy to be here. I’m not sure if it’s a silent As you can see from his big breakthrough in “silent”, Meguro is naturally suited to sensitive and quiet characters. He has repeatedly appeared in “ Snow Man I have covered “Snow Man” many times, and he always stands quietly by himself, even when the other members are making a lot of noise. He is far from a high-tension person.

In this film, he is playing a character who is always saying, “Woe! He is a character who repeatedly shouts, “Woe! He is also a “silent” character. silent and even his old fans are puzzled by his performance. I hope his momentum doesn’t stall with this film,” said an entertainment editor for a women’s magazine.

Daring to “create a character that is the exact opposite of the previous work” (an editor in charge of entertainment at a women’s magazine)

In fact, the Johnny’s s. office has recently been working on a new character that is the exact opposite of the one in the previous work. “a character who is the exact opposite of the previous work The aforementioned editor is concerned about the following The above-mentioned editor expressed the following concern.

“The same Johnny’s group, ‘SixTONES SixTONES The same Johnny’s group, “SixTONES 28 I’m worried that I’m going to end up like the second member of the same Japanese group, “SixTONES” (28). …… He is a very good actor and a good friend of mine. He is a member of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) morning drama “Come Come Everybody” ( ’21 ), in which he played the role of Minoru, an overly fresh and likable young man, which was his big break. The role was perfect for Mr. Matsumura, who is earnest and has a bit of a Showa-era air about him.

However, his next role was as a flirtatious guy who was all sexuality and gentleness to the ladies. Many fans said, “We don’t want this kind of Hokkun (Matsumura). I think the reason he was unable to gain momentum after that was completely due to this choice of role.

In contrast, Tri-Stone is good at choosing roles for actors on the verge of their breakthrough.

Akachu’s casting image becoming more established

This season, Tristone is casting Eiji Akachu ( 29 ) is starring in the Thursday drama “Kocchi o muite yo mukai kun” (Nippon Television Network). Although the ratings are not good, TVer has already registered 500,000 The drama is also well-received by viewers.

He is also the star of the “Love Lost Boys” series, in which he plays the role of a love-obsessed boy. 30 He is also the star of “The Wizard of Magic” ( ’20 In 2008, he played a guy who is a bit of a love junkie. (TV Tokyo), which was well received, Puppy Boys He got his break as a He continued to play mainly with older actors and maintained his cute image. From there, he gradually began to play hot roles and so on, and was able to make the transition to an acting career without giving viewers a sense of discomfort. The two companies’ strategy was to create a new type of actor, one who could play the role of a cute character.

So why did the strategies of the two companies become so contrasted? Another entertainment reporter wonders if it has something to do with the complexes at Johnny’s. “Johnny’s actors are basically the same as everyone else,” he says.

Johnny’s actors are all basically members of idol groups, and their faces are more natural as idols. That’s why they don’t like to be told that their acting skills as actors are not good enough. If they play the same character all the time, they might be called ‘idol acting,’ so they tend to choose characters who are the complete opposite of them, saying, ‘I can play this kind of role, too.

But it is completely premature. It is not because you play different characters that you become an actor, but because you have developed your acting skills and can play a wide range of roles. Johnny’s has a lot of excellent talent, although there is a lot of controversy. I hope that they will carefully nurture the abilities of their talent without rushing.

Can young actors continue to grow? Can young actors continue to grow? The talent of an entertainment agency is being questioned.

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    Born in Ehime Prefecture. After working at a broadcasting station, she became a freelance writer. She specializes in interviews with celebrities and analysis of popular events, and is always checking out serial dramas and popular Japanese movies. She is a well-known beautiful writer in the magazine industry.

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