Johnny’s’s” former environment minister’s accusation reveals the “naive” attitude of the former Johnny’s’s office toward the problem of sexual assault. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s’s” former environment minister’s accusation reveals the “naive” attitude of the former Johnny’s’s office toward the problem of sexual assault.

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Does Johnny’s management think that “after a year…” ……

Aren’t they being too lenient……”

A number of such voices have been voiced over SMILE-UP.(former Johnny’s office).

In an interview with Kyodo News, Ichiro Kamoshita, former environment minister and psychosomatic medicine doctor, who supervises the “Psychological Care Counseling Room,” an external organization set up at the end of May for victims of the sexual assault by the late Janie Kitagawa, revealed that the agency told him that the counseling room would be open for one year. Kamoshita said.

“It is not a simple matter that can be separated by just one year,” Kamoshita said.

Kamoshita continued, “It is not an easy thing that can be separated by a year. He continued

Some of the victims have been seriously traumatized. It is really serious.

He pointed out that

“Some of them have symptoms that need to be properly diagnosed and given a name.

SMILE is a company that

SMILE has stated that it is “beyond the law” to compensate victims of sexual assault, and as of October 2, there were 478 victims who reported being harmed and 325 who are seeking compensation.

The number is still increasing,” the official said.

The number of victims who have requested compensation is “still increasing,” according to a source close to the matter. Compensation work will begin in earnest in mid-November, but in addition to the financial aspect, psychological care will also be important.

Some people still have flashbacks of Janney’s sexual assaults and experience hyperventilation and panic symptoms. This is not a problem that can be solved in just one year. Permanent compensation must also be taken into consideration.

Shimon Ishimaru, vice-president of “Johnny’s Sexual Assault Problem Party Association,” who has been under fire for his “money-grabbing” comments in a YouTube video, has also been suffering from manic depression for many years, and his symptoms have recently worsened. Recently, his symptoms have worsened.

“I am resigning from the position of vice-president.

He has also told people around him that he would resign as vice-president of the group. A person who knows Mr. Ishimaru said

A person who knows Mr. Ishimaru said, “There is the influence of bashing, but at the root is the sexual assault by Mr. Janney. He sometimes has sudden memories that come back to him and he is unable to move.

He said, “I have heard that sometimes I can’t move at all because my memories suddenly come back.

That is how much damage sexual assault can do to the body and mind. That is why it is inexplicable that the “psychological care consultation room” is open only for one year.

The one-year period may have already been forgotten, but it is the same as the “no-fee” period indicated by the former Johnny’s’s office.

On September 13, after the first press conference, which drew a lot of criticism, the former Johnny’s’s office announced the following regarding the fees for programs and advertisements for the next one year.

“All fees will be paid to the talent himself/herself, and we will not receive any remuneration as an entertainment production company.

The company announced that it would pay all fees for programs and advertisements for the next one year. This was a desperate measure in the midst of the “contract review domino” by clients at the time.

The “psychological care counseling office” was one year old, and the period during which the office was not paid was also one year. Where did this “one year” figure come from? From a cynical point of view, they may think that the series of sexual assault problems will be settled in about one year.

It is a tradition of the former Johnny’s’s office to take stopgap measures for the time being. There is nothing wrong with devising various measures to fend off public criticism, but it is essential to have a clear vision.

The “psychological care counseling office” and the “no-cost plan” seem to have been created for the sake of appearances by reading the public’s mind. In particular, the fact that the former was opened for only one year is a joke.

Did they think they could get by if they just held out for a year?

The problem is now showing signs of a protracted series of incidents.

It will take an enormous amount of time just to ascertain the exact number of victims, and from there, the amount of compensation and even aftercare must be provided for each individual.

It is a daunting task, but one that SMILE must face up to.

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