The ratings weren’t great, but… Fumi Nikaido is too cute on location for “Eye Love You”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The ratings weren’t great, but… Fumi Nikaido is too cute on location for “Eye Love You”.

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Fumi Nikaido emerges with a big smile after a long shoot for “Eye Love You

Fumi Nikaido (29) is the one with the big smile on her face as she peeks out from the front of a Korean restaurant.

In “Eye Love You” (TBS), which aired until March of this year, Nikaido played a heroine with the ability to hear the voice of the heart when she looks into the eyes of her partner (telepath). Since it was the first commercial prime-time drama to feature a Korean actor in the other role, it attracted the attention of Hallyu fans.

The location shooting took place at the end of last year at a Korean restaurant in Tokyo. It was at a Korean restaurant in Tokyo. The location shooting began early in the morning and continued throughout the morning, when Nikaido appeared with a smile on her face amidst the staff’s shouts of “Good work! After this, she politely bade each of the staff members surrounding her, saying, “Thank you for your hard work.

Nikaido played the heroine who devotedly supports her composer husband in NHK’s TV series “Yale” broadcast in 2008, and played a doctor engaged in medical treatment in a war zone in last year’s hit drama “VIVANT” (TBS). Her high acting ability earned her the nickname “chameleon actress,” and viewers’ expectations were high for her first attempt at playing a heroine in a love romance.

As a result, viewer ratings were low and the show may not have been a hit in terms of numbers. However, the script, which was written with an awareness of the Korean Wave, seems to have captured the hearts of Korean Wave fans. As for Nikaido, I got the impression that her “kawaii acting” was well received on SNS, with comments such as “Nikaido is just so cute” and “Her sparkling eyes were beautiful. There is no doubt that this film showed a new side of Nikaido,” said a person involved in the production of a commercial TV drama.

In the original drama “SHOGUN Shogun” currently available on Disney Plus “Star,” Nikaido plays the role of Ochiha no Kata (Yododono). The film is starring and produced by Hiroyuki Sanada (63).

Filming lasted from September ’21 to July ’22, with most of it taking place in Vancouver, Canada. This was Nikaido’s first Hollywood production, and her behavior on set was truly magnificent,” said a movie magazine editor.

In a video interview with Nikaido released on April 2 (on the official Disney Plus YouTube channel), Sanada, who was working with Nikaido for the first time, was surprised by Nikaido’s eye power,

He expressed, “The beam is amazing, isn’t it?”

He also expressed his surprise at Nikaido’s eyesight and said, “He has a great beam. He also talked about his acting,

Nikaido’s performance is both powerful and sensitive, and her maternal love is present in her performance.

She also said that “strength and delicacy coexist, and motherly love is also present. Nikaido has performed with Korean stars and appeared in Hollywood productions. His next goal may be to star in a Hollywood movie …….

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Fumi Nikaido has a good reputation among the staff for always being cheerful on site.
Eye Love You” ratings were not good, but it was well received by Hallyu fans.

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