Behind the re-arrest of Ennosuke Ichikawa for “assisting his father’s suicide,” charges against his mother are “pending. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind the re-arrest of Ennosuke Ichikawa for “assisting his father’s suicide,” charges against his mother are “pending.

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Ennosuke Ichikawa continues to undergo severe interrogation. ……

On July 18, Kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa (real name Takahiko Kinoeshi), who was arrested on suspicion of assisting his mother in committing suicide, was re-arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of assisting his father’s suicide. At the same time, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has placed a hold on the charge of assisting his mother’s suicide, and the prosecution’s policy on the matter is attracting attention.

On May 17, the suspect is suspected of helping his father, Kabuki actor Ichikawa Danshiro (real name: Hiroyuki Kinoeshi), 76, commit suicide by forcing him to take sleeping pills at his home in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, from May 17 to the morning of May 18. On June 27, the suspect was arrested on suspicion of assisting the suicide of his mother, Nobuko Kinoeshi (75 years old), by forcing her to take sleeping pills, resulting in her death from psychotropic poisoning.

Normally, the case against the mother would be prosecuted and the father would be re-arrested on the father’s charges, but why was the mother’s case put on hold? ……

He said, “My guess is that it is unlikely that the mother’s assisted suicide charge will be dropped or that she will be re-arrested on a different charge. Since the father’s case has been solidified on the same assisted suicide charge as the mother’s, it is likely that the father’s case will be investigated to solidify the charge, and then the mother’s case will be combined with the father’s case and charged as one case for assisted suicide.

The father, Danshiro Ichikawa, and mother, Nobuko Kinoeshi, who were on the second floor of their home, died, and an autopsy revealed that the cause of death was suspected psychotropic poisoning.

On May 18, a weekly magazine reported allegations of power harassment and sexual harassment by the suspect, Sarunosuke.

When I told my parents about the article about me in the magazine, they decided to move on to the next world together.

There is no doubt that my parents helped me commit suicide. I was going to follow in their footsteps and kill myself.

It is believed that he was planning to kill himself after his parents.

It was reported that Danshiro was bedridden, and it was questioned whether he had expressed his intention to commit suicide in the first place. If he had not expressed his intention, he could have been charged with murder rather than assisted suicide.

According to the Asahi Shimbun dated January 19, the focus of the article was on Mr. Danshiro’s declaration of intent.

According to the Asahi Shimbun dated January 19, “The father’s physical condition did not interfere with his daily life, and he had not been certified as requiring nursing care.

The agency determined that the suspects had expressed their intention to commit suicide.

The suspect also stated that after the parents took sleeping pills, he put a plastic bag over their heads.

Even if this act ensured the death of the parents, there is a strong possibility that it will be considered as part of assisting suicide,” said a legal official.

Some have pointed out that if both cases are prosecuted for assisted suicide, there is a possibility that the defendant will be given a stay of execution. Therefore, the future of the investigation by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the prosecutor’s decision will be closely watched.

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