The “Aguilera-sama” breaks new ground! Actress Hikaru Kabashima’s shocking moment when she “screamed the loudest in her life | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Aguilera-sama” breaks new ground! Actress Hikaru Kabashima’s shocking moment when she “screamed the loudest in her life

The popular actress who made a splash with her role in "Kamen Rider Revise" has shown a new side of herself. FRIDAY visited the set of the summer drama "Nare no Kare no Bokura", which has been creating a sensation due to its surprising plot. We asked her about the filming episodes and highlights of the drama.

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I really wanted to convey the pain of the broken finger scene, so I worked very hard. I think I screamed the loudest in my life. I don’t usually scream so much, so I just had to make the most of it.

In a calm tone of voice, he recalls the shocking scene he took on. Actress Hikari Kabashima responded to the interview in between the filming of “Nare no Kare no Bokura,” a drama currently being broadcast in TV Tokyo and elsewhere. The film depicts an incident of confinement that caused “13 deaths” of former classmates who gathered for a class reunion. Kabashima plays Aya Osanai, an ″imadoki girl″ who is the opposite of herself.

Hikari Kabashima responds to an interview at an abandoned school where the filming took place. Born in Aomori Prefecture, she just celebrated her 27th birthday in June.

Hikari Kabashima says, “At first, I wondered how I should play the role. For example, Koyamauchi, who is easily influenced by his surroundings, is told by Mikio (the main suspect in the case) that he is an “empty person” and that he has “no opinion of his own. But I didn’t know what it meant to have no opinion of my own. So I tried not to think about anything when I was on set. Of course, I had the script in mind. But in order to make it look like Koyamauchi, I try not to remember who was killed or who died. By making it so that only one of them doesn’t know anything, I hope I can bring out her personality.

The drama has many scenes that make you want to cover your eyes, such as the dismembered bodies tumbling out of a classroom locker and the depiction of the students being burned to death in a shower of concentrated sulfuric acid. ……

The work itself is quite high on my list of favorites (laughs). The stimulating aspects are one thing, but above all, I find it very interesting to see how the true nature of human nature and the depths of human nature are revealed in extreme situations. I think this is a drama with surprising twists and turns waiting for you, so I hope you will watch it to the end.

When we were cranked in, I felt as nervous as I did when I first entered the classroom at the beginning of school. I am not the type of person who can be aggressive.
FRIDAY interviewed Kabashima when the filming of the entire movie was about to end. In the scene with Reika Yoshida, which Kabashima says “we became very close,” the tense atmosphere of the main film was completely changed, and when the camera was not rolling, the atmosphere became more relaxed, including the staff.

Hikari Kabashima, age 27
Height 157cm.
Actress from Aomori Prefecture.
In 2009, she attracted attention as the “Queen of Evil” Aguilera in “Masked Rider Revise,” for which she was selected through an audition, and became the talk of the town.
Since then, she has appeared in theater and stage versions of the same work, and in the spring of 2011, she appeared in NHKBSP’s “It’s Not That I Love You Because We’re Family, It’s That I Love You Because We’re Family”.
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© Yae Utsumi “Nare no Kare no Bokura” (Bokura at the End of the World), published by Kodansha in “Weekly Shonen Magazine KC”.

Based on the manga of the same title that was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” and the manga app “Magazine Pocket” and gained popularity, and was completed in the summer of 2009. Members of the former 6th grade class 2 of Shinozuka Elementary School who gathered for a reunion are locked up under the name of “experiment” by one of them, Mikio Yumezaki. The case is solved 52 hours later, but more than 10 people have died. Violence, intrigue, betrayal, and revenge unfold among the former classmates under extreme conditions. …… What is the true nature of human nature that MIKIO, the mastermind, tries to expose in his “experiment”?

The drama is broadcast every Tuesday from 24:30 midnight on TV Tokyo and other stations.
Cast: Mizuki Inoue (HiHi Jets/Johnny’s Jr.), Takatake Inukai, etc.
© Yae Utsumi “Nare no Kare no Bokura” (Bokura at the End of the World), published by Kodansha in Shukan Shonen Magazine KC.

  • Photographed by Yuya Zaitsu

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