The best feeling on the skin! 24 items recommended by Rina Hashimoto, a gradol to experience “Cooling goods to fight off the intense heat! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The best feeling on the skin! 24 items recommended by Rina Hashimoto, a gradol to experience “Cooling goods to fight off the intense heat!

A collection of ideas for cooling down easily!

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Rina Hashimoto wearing “cooling goods

Rina Hashimoto, wearing a “cool and cold” item, said, “It feels so soft against my skin and is very comfortable to sleep on! I feel like I’m going to fall asleep like this.

Rina Hashimoto, 29, a gravure idol, said happily, “I’m going to fall asleep like this. She lies down on her side and is surrounded by a cool blanket and a long hugging pillow (see photo below). Surrounded by cool goods to blow away the intense heat, she looks really comfortable.

On July 7, a heat wave of 35°C or higher was recorded at 62 locations across Japan. This year is shaping up to be an even hotter summer than usual. To fight off the extreme heat, we will introduce 24 “cooling goods” carefully selected by three experts. We asked Mr. Hashimoto to experience them firsthand.

(1) More cool, deodorant mattress pad Pitapa Alza Green, single
Cain’s, 2980 yen

The pad provides a long-lasting, refreshingly cool feeling for a very satisfying sleeping experience. This contact-cool pad is 100 x 200 cm in size. The non-slip lining prevents shifting and makes it easy to set up. 10 washes do not cause any deterioration, but rather soften the pad and make it more comfortable to the touch.

(2) Towel bedding, cool bedding, cool bedding, cool bedding, cool bedding, cool bedding
LOWYA ¥3,490

This cool towelette has a comfortable feel for sleeping. The pile fabric on the back has excellent sweat-absorbing functions and can be used separately from the contact-cooling surface on the front. Despite its simple design, the fabric is of high quality and the overall workmanship, including the sewing, is meticulous. Of course, the cooling sensation is unquestionable.

(3) Chilly long hug pillow blended with three kinds of materials
Cain’s, 4,980 yen

We recommend this cool hugging pillow for people who are worried about their electricity bill if they have to use the air conditioner too much even though it is a tropical night. The highly resilient texture, size, and shape are exquisite, and it cools down your whole body just by hugging it. With this pillow, you can sleep well even if you turn down the air conditioner.

4) Eye Fan Freeze White
Eless 3278 yen

A handy fan with a cooling plate. The plate in the center of the body is cooled and can be placed on the neck to cool the body directly, in addition to being cooled by the wind. It can also be used as a “tabletop fan” by standing it on the attached stand.

(5) Cool Neckband Gradation Blue Splash
Koizumi Life Techs: 2,640 yen

Cool Neckband freezes naturally at temperatures below about 28℃. It absorbs and dissipates heat while repeatedly freezing and melting to deliver a moderate coolness to the neck. It can be used repeatedly in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, in cold water for 15 minutes, and in the freezer for 5 minutes.

(6) Water Cool Cap Charcoal
Big Wing: 3,630 yen

A special material is attached to the lining around the head to absorb moisture. The evaporation of this material lowers the temperature of the fabric. There is no need to go to the trouble of cooling the cap in a refrigerator. When going out, simply wet the cap at a park water supply and drain the water lightly to feel moderately cool!

⑦Collar Air Fan White
Life On Products: 2,728 yen

By clipping it to the collar of your clothes, air blows directly through your clothes. Safe antibacterial processing. The main unit weighs about 55g and is ultra-lightweight, making it stress-free to wear and carry. Can also be used as a hands-free fan by attaching the accessory strap.

8) Pillow pad N Cool SP N2307 BL
Nitori 899 yen

Have you ever experienced that your pillow gets stuffy soon after you lie down and makes it difficult to sleep? The contact-cool pillow pad helps you sleep comfortably. It is not only cool to the touch, but also keeps you cool and comfortable even when you press your head against it.

Daiki Tsuji, editor of the mono-critical magazine “MONOQLO,” talks about new product trends.

Until last year, manufacturers had been offering products suited to the with-corona season, but this year they seem to have taken the helm away from the with-corona season. Items that can be used outdoors, such as cool-sensitive clothing and men’s parasols, are being released one after another.

Mr. Hashimoto, who sometimes shoots under the scorching sun, tried out an ultrasonic cocktail beer server. The unit can be set to hold two types of beverages, including canned beer, so that cocktail beer can also be enjoyed. Hashimoto was delighted when he tasted the “Red Eye,” a combination of beer and tomato juice.

It’s amazing,” he said! I was surprised at how easy it is to pour with just the lever and how fine the bubbles are. The aroma is refreshing and delicious!

Mr. Tsuji explains.

It blends the set beverage at a ratio of one to one. It is battery-operated and can be used anywhere. It is also easy to disassemble and wash.

Next she tried a small fan, the “iFan Freeze II. It not only sends a cool breeze, but also cools down the skin when the center plate is placed against the skin.

The shape is cute. The shape is cute, and it is lightweight and convenient to carry around, so it will come in handy,” says Hashimoto.

Yuki Takita of the public relations department of the lifestyle goods specialty store “Loft” tells us, “By pressing the cooling switch, you can cool down your skin with silver.

By pressing the cooling switch, the silver plate cools down. It cools the body by double action with the fan.

The “Nagashi Somen Pocket” is a fun family activity. This small and cute product allows you to enjoy Nagashi Somen by placing the motor part in the center of a bowl filled with water. Hashimoto-san’s impressions can be found at …….

This Nagashi Somen item is easy to do at home, and I think children will enjoy it. I often eat it in the summer, when my appetite wanes, with pickled plums and other ingredients.”

Haru Kuramoto, a home appliance writer, explains.

The condiment container is also compact and easy to carry. It can also be used outdoors. The water flow can be set to either clockwise or counterclockwise to suit the user’s preference.

There are many other recommended products. The following is a summary of the ideas selected by the experts. We hope that these cool items with sophisticated designs will help you fight off the heat.

Ultrasonic cocktail beer server GH-BEERLT-BK
Green House 13,178 yen

Just set two cans of beer or juice inside the main unit and blend them at a ratio of one to one. You can enjoy beer cocktails with ease. The fineness of the foam and the blending quality can only be achieved by a standard manufacturer. It is also possible to pour one without blending.

⑩Snow Water: Spray that creates a burst of cold bubbles
Daily Aroma Japan: 1980 yen

A cooling spray of the foaming type. When applied directly to areas of concern such as the scalp and neck before they become sticky with perspiration, the cooling carbonated bubbles that crackle will comfortably tighten the skin. The fact that it can also be used on the scalp, which tends to heat up because it is a lotion, makes it a good choice.

Toffy Electric Shaved Ice Machine
Ladonna 9,900 yen

The taste of shaved ice from a specialty store can be reproduced in the comfort of your own home. By adjusting the blade, you can choose from three different types of shaving: smooth, crunchy, or fluffy.

⑫Nagashi Somen Pocket Sand Beige
Takara Tomy Arts: 2,970 yen

You can enjoy Nagashi Somen wherever you have a bowl with a diameter of 16 to 23cm. The motor parts, buckwheat choko, condiment container, and other goods are compact and easy to carry. The direction of the water flow can be changed to suit your dominant hand.

Rina Hashimoto is also impressed! Carefully selected by experts!
Refreshing Cool Items” to Survive the Heat wave

Haru Kuramoto (Home appliance writer)

Daiki Tsuji (Editorial Department of MONOQLO)

Yuki Takita (PR Office of “Loft”)

Images are taken from the official website and other sources. Some products may be out of stock or out of stock.
Profile: Rina Hashimoto was born in Osaka in 1993. She enjoys traveling and tanning. Her catchphrase is “Japan’s blackest gravure idol – Naniwa no Black Diamond,” and she is scheduled to appear on stage in the play “Akiba Meizu Senso – Naniwa Kokuidaore Kyousangen” starting on September 6.

From the July 28, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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