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Nanako Matsushima, Miho Kanno, Miho Shibasaki… Famous Actresses’ “Visibility” Even in Masks

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Matsushima was shopping at a supermarket in Gaienmae, Tokyo. The strength of her eyes is impressive. Taken in September this year.

Actress Nanako Matsushima (48) has been the talk of the town for her “Mattified” face after being given makeup by celebrity Matt in a commercial for the delivery service “Uber Eats.

It was in the evening of September this year that I saw her. She was shopping at a high-end supermarket in Gaienmae, Tokyo, wearing a white shirt and black pants in a rough fashion. After paying the bill, she headed for her car. In the “Mattified makeup,” her eyes were big with eyeliner and color contacts, but even in normal makeup, her eyes were strong. Even under the mask, her dignified beauty and overwhelming presence can be felt.

The actress’s distinctive aura cannot be hidden even when she is wearing a mask. The power of her eyes and beautiful skin can be seen at ……. Some of the actresses wear unique and flashy masks. I’d like to introduce the charm of their masks with some treasured photos.

Red, blue, yellow, green: ……

Shibasaki was working in a trunk room in Tokyo. Her rough fashion made her style stand out. Taken in August this year.

Denim shorts, bare feet and flip-flops…… relaxed appearance of Kou Shibasaki (40), who has a cool image, might be quite rare. What caught my eye more than anything else was the colorful mask with various colors such as red, blue, yellow, and green.

In August of this year, Shibasaki suddenly appeared at a trunk room in Tokyo. Dressed in loungewear-like fashion, she began to carry in her belongings using a dolly. After finishing the work with the staff in less than an hour, she got into her car and started off. After stopping at a high-end supermarket with a wide selection of organic groceries, they drove off.

“In 2004, Ms. Shibasaki launched her own company, Retrois Grasse, of which she is the president. She’s also a businesswoman. In addition to running her fan club and her music business, Retrois sells apparel and miscellaneous goods online. Her colorful mask is probably a sign that her work is going well and she is feeling positive.

An aura that can’t be hidden while shopping

Fukada Kyoko appears at a high-end supermarket in Roppongi. Her aura, which she can’t hide even with a mask on, draws the attention of customers.

May 2008. In May 2008, when she appeared at a high-class supermarket in Roppongi, Tokyo, the customers’ eyes were glued to her. Her beautiful legs stretched out from her miniskirt, and her neat face was recognizable even when she was wearing a black mask. …… It was the actress Kyoko Fukada (39).

Holding a pink purse and a leopard-print covered smartphone, Fukada slowly walked around the store while pushing a cart. She bought two bottles of wine in addition to a large amount of foodstuffs, enough to fill two paper bags.

“Fukada-san… Fukada is very careful about her health. She always wears a mask when she goes out. She wears a mask whenever she goes out, and has a good sense of fashion, using different colors of masks to match her clothes.

Riding a bicycle with a handmade mask

Ms. Sugano is riding her bicycle home after shopping, taken in April 2008.

A sunny day in April 2008. On a sunny day in April 2008, a bicycle galloped down a shopping street in Tokyo. The woman on the bike, her white pleated skirt fluttering, pedaled vigorously. Child seats were attached to the front and back of the bike, and in the basket were foodstuffs such as Chinese cabbage bought at the supermarket.

The owner of the bicycle is Miho Kanno (44), wearing a handmade cloth mask with a pattern.

She is the heroine of “Our Daughter Can’t Find a Boyfriend! (Nippon Television Network Corporation), which started this January. It has been four and a half years since she played a leading role. At first, she tried to refuse the offer because her two children were too young. Her husband, Masato Sakai, persuaded her. I’ll take care of the house,’ he said, reassuring Ms. Sugano.” (An employee of a commercial TV station)

As expected of an actress, the mask is not just an item to prevent splashes, but also a fashion tool. From the photos, we can feel the unique atmosphere of an actor.

Nana Mori shopping at a 100 yen store in Tokyo in October this year.
Izumi Mori is interviewed by a reporter about her departure from Oscar. She is wearing a unique mask, taken in September 2008.
Eliza Ikeda, who has been living with a famous YouTube star for the past two years, was photographed in July 2008.
Ryoko Hirosue finishes her shopping at Depa Underground.
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on a love date with a younger actor, Hayama Shono.
Kyoko Gunji gets out of a cab after finishing her work. She is highly regarded within the station as a news analyst. photo taken in July 2008
  • Photography Yuri Adachi, Masaaki Saito, Yasuko Sakaguchi, Sota Shima, Junsei Todoroki, Keisuke Nishi, Shinji Hamasaki, Ippei Hara

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