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In-depth Research: The New Era of Female Announcers — Who Will be the Queen?

The power structure is drastically changing due to the rush of independence and marriages!

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I couldn’t get anyone to recommend me for the beauty pageant.

The Miss Contest is considered a gateway to success for female announcers. However, Mami Miura, 36, confessed that she has not participated in the beauty contest herself. The reason for this is as follows.

She was not an eye-catching beauty and passed the entrance exam by imitating a mullet fish. In her second year with the company, a producer saw Mizuto buying a large amount of food at a convenience store and selected her as an assistant for “Hirunandasu! Her unpretentious personality and charm spread among viewers, and she quickly became a popular announcer.

Erina Iwata (27)
Nippon Television Network Corporation

World TV TV Special Investigation Dept.
Boiling Word 10
130 Million People’s SHOW Channel

He is active mainly in variety shows. During her school days, Iwata was reported to have a love affair with actor Osawa Takao (55). She appeared in commercials and dramas as a TV personality.

Mizuto is also a skilled announcer who has been able to manage information programs and variety shows with aplomb, and even during disasters, she has been able to connect live broadcasts for several minutes with just a few bulletins and images without panicking. In March of this year, Mizuto got married and became the head of the announcing department. Commercial broadcasters are working hard to nurture a “post” Mizuto announcer who will be loved by all.

The key lies in the housewife segment.

Within Nippon TV, Erina Iwata, 27, is considered to be the next ace. When Mizuto graduated from “Sukkiri,” she was chosen as her successor. In the morning and daytime time slots, it is important how to win over the housewives who have a strict view of female TV announcers. In this respect, Iwata Anna is not pretentious, being good at mimicry and attending magic classes. She was a TV personality when she was a student, and she is an immediate asset who was expected to play an active role as soon as she joined the company,” said Takeshi Misugi, an entertainment critic.

However, after “Sukkiri” ended, it was not Iwata but Kuroda Miyu (24) who was chosen as the MC for the successor program.

In “DayDay.” Ryota Yamasato’s role is to liven up the show, but Shinichi Takeda, who had worked in news programs for a long time, seemed a little confused. He stands in between these two and manages to get around well. He has a lot of facial expressions, and he is careful not to leave Mr. Takeda behind as he broaches the subject in a way that makes it easy for him to talk about it. He has a cheerful and light-hearted manner that is unique to Kansai people, and is very folksy. She has created a stir in the battle for the “post” Mizuto announcer position, which had been dominated by Iwata. However, the ratings for “DayDay.” are not as good as those for “Sukkiri. Depending on the future of the program, Iwata may once again be the sole winner. The situation does not allow for optimism.

Looking outside of Nippon TV, TV Asahi’s Minami Moriyama, 24, is said to have an “atmosphere similar to that of Mizuto. On the ‘Hatori Shinichi Morning Show,’ she mediates between the various commentators and Hatori, and as an announcer, she shares her own opinions with the talented Mizuto,” said Hiromichi Chinmoku, a former TV Asahi producer and writer.

TV Asahi’s Chiharu Saito, 26, is another TV Asahi announcer who is a twin of Moriyama.

Saito is a former member of Nogizaka46. We at the TV station are grateful that she has become an announcer with her experience and popularity from her days as an idol. She has a lot of flair and will be a popular announcer in no time. Although her popularity was slightly slowed down by her love affair with an announcer from another station, she has been selected for “Good Morning,” a three-hour program that airs every weekday morning! Morning,” which runs for about three hours every weekday morning.
She is also in charge of news programs such as “ANN News,” and it is likely that the producers of the commercial TV station want to nurture her as a solid and talented announcer as well.

Miyu Kuroda (24)
Nippon Television Network Corporation


In her third year with Nippon TV, Miyu Kuroda has become the face of Nippon TV’s morning show. She was selected because of her good fortune of being a lucky girl at Imamiya Ebisu Shrine when she was a student. She also served as a weathercaster on “news zero” until March of this year.

Minami Moriyama (24)
TV Asahi

Shinichi Hatori Morning Show

She has a reputation for her open and friendly facial expressions and her commentary skills on programs that deal with serious topics. Shinichi Hatori (52), an announcer, has seen Moriyama’s behavior and praises her intuition.

Chiharu Saito (26)
TV Asahi

Good! Morning
Nanikore Chin Hyakkei
ANN News

Despite her love affair with a TBS announcer, her popularity has not waned. An all-rounder who can handle a wide range of programs from news programs to variety shows, she is aiming for the post of Mizuto along with Moriyama.

Rising to Stardom with a Famous TV Show

While some female TV announcers steadily increase their name recognition by appearing on many programs, it was Mizuto’s way of selling that made her popular at once by taking charge of a famous program. One who is expected to follow in her footsteps is Mako Tamura (TBS), who is in charge of “Lavit! (Lavit!) at TBS.

Tamura said, “Since my father is Norihisa Tamura, a former member of the House of Representatives and former Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, it was difficult for me to use her for both news and variety. But when she appeared on “Lavit! she suddenly burst into tears and took a food sample from Akira Kawashima (44) of Kirin and ate it. The rigid image of her family background has been shattered, and she is now in a position to take on new colors.
In terms of character, Rina Shinohara (26), who was Miss Tokyo University and is very approachable, is closer to Mizuto, but I have the impression that she has not yet been able to express her character well.

Meanwhile, at Fuji Television Network, there is a fierce competition for the ace position.

Seika Inoue, 28, can also do news reporting and is currently in charge of “Honma dekka TV. Being able to do both is a strong point. In addition, she is the main anchor of “Mezamashi TV” and has become the morning face of Fuji Television. However, I get the impression that he is not so outstandingly popular as the “post-Mizuto” position.

One of the reasons why Inoue cannot become the overwhelming ace is the presence of Nagisa Watanabe (26) and Beni Takemata (24).

Watanabe is not a mainstay, but she is in charge of three well-known programs. It is enough to raise her name recognition. Her character of a gourmand is also likable, such as when she ate more than 30 gyoza (dumplings) in a food report or when she was stuffing her face with rice balls at the end of “Mezamashi. In terms of familiarity, she is probably closer to Mizuto than to Inoue,” said Daijiro Maruyama, a female TV critic.

Takemata, who moved from “Mezamashi” to a horse racing program, also has a strong presence.

Announcers who have worked on “Minna no KEIBA” are trained to be more responsive to the needs of the audience, and they also develop a passionate fan base. Such are the case with Midori Matsuo (39) and Reimi Tsutsumi (29). I have the impression that Takemata, a former female Go player and mentally tough, was given a place to grow with high expectations. In terms of announcing ability, I think Takemata is the post-Mizuto announcer.

Mako Tamura (27)


Tamura is the most promising candidate for the “post” Mizuto announcer position. Tamura’s active involvement with comedians and celebrities during the two-hour live broadcast every morning is reminiscent of Mizuto during her time on “Hirunandasu! era.

Rina Shinohara (26)


Like Mizuto, Rina Shinohara has won the hearts of viewers with her good appetite. Currently, she mainly works in the early morning slot, but if she moves into the daytime slot like Mizuto, she may have a chance to win the show.

Seika Inoue (28)
Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Mezamashi TV
Honma-dekka! TV

Seika Inoue is currently the general host of “Mezamashi TV”. Inoue is well received by the staff, and the station has already decided to develop her into a signature announcer like Mizuto.

Nagisa Watanabe (26)
Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Mezamashi TV
Widener Show
Poka Poka

Watanabe, who appears on “Wide Nah Show,” is liked by Koji Higashino (55) for his “quick thinking. Being liked by the co-hosts’ bigwigs is also essential for a successful announcer.

Beni Takemata (24)
Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Minna no KEIBA

Beni Takemata, a female professional Go player turned female TV announcer, is well received for her enthusiasm in predicting horse races with her natural intelligence and earnestness. She has become a beloved character on the program.

Announcer Mizuto-chan’s recommendation for female announcers

In order to become a “post” Mizuto, it is important to be liked by men and women of all ages.

Hitomi Tanaka, 26, is the best candidate to take Mizuto’s place at TV TOKYO. It is important to be liked, but if you want to be like Mizuto, it is also important not to be disliked by anyone. Even in “Moya Moya Samaaz 2,” she does not interrupt the atmosphere of the “Samaaz,” but makes the right comments when she wants to and joins in the groove of the two. His reactions are honest and convey his simple personality. He has the ability to do both variety and news reporting” (Daijiro Maruyama, above).

While there are many people who have been praised by Mizuto, there is actually one person who is being pushed directly by Mizuto.

Mizuto is pushing for Minami Ishikawa, 26, an announcer at Nippon Television Network Corporation. Mizuto is now an executive at the station and can make recommendations to personnel, producers, and others. When Ishikawa was reported to have a passionate love affair with a male announcer at the station, she broke up with him on her own. It seems that Mizuto is making a move to pull up Ishikawa, whose reputation has been damaged, in recognition of his spirit. Eventually, she wants to entrust him with the overall hosting of “ZIP!

Currently, Iwata of Nippon TV and Tamura of TBS are the two strongest candidates. Will the next generation of new queens be born at Nippon TV again, or at TBS?

Which of them will take the post of “Mizuto Announcer”?

Hitomi Tanaka (26)
TV Tokyo

Moya Moya Sammers 2

In her fifth year with the company, she is in charge of “WBS. She has achieved a good balance between variety and news reporting. As a student, she was in charge of the weather corner of “NEWS ZERO” for about a year from July ’17

Minami Ishikawa (26)
Nippon Television Network Corporation


Ishikawa is said to be promoted by Mizuto. In 2010, she participated in the Tokyo Marathon. He finished the marathon sweating with a panda mascot in his hand.

From the June 30, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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