A glimpse from the Giants’ uniform…Maika Yamamoto “beautiful belly button first pitch ceremony” too bold pitching photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A glimpse from the Giants’ uniform…Maika Yamamoto “beautiful belly button first pitch ceremony” too bold pitching photo

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On June 15, actress Maika Yamamoto (25) threw out the first pitch at the Giants-Seibu game at Tokyo Dome.

The power of the ball thrown from her slender body was surprising.

Yamamoto appeared in a black uniform with the number 13 on the back and only the top button fastened, leaving her belly button bare. He looked nervous, but the ball went right down the middle with no bounce. Yamamoto was all smiles as he threw a brilliant strike. The audience was thrilled.

<The audience was in awe of Yamamoto’s “abs are so tight,” he said! >and rave reviews

Maika Yamamoto is actually an athlete with excellent motor skills. She learned karate from her older brother in the first grade of elementary school and won the prefectural championship in the sixth grade. She continued karate until the third grade of junior high school and holds a black belt. In junior high school, he was also a member of the softball club.

He used this experience to act in movies such as “Tokyo Ghoul: Tokyo Ghoul [S]” and “From Today I Am! The Movie” and other films, where he performed action scenes. His powerful acting has been well received” (entertainment reporter).

In the game that day, Takayuki Kajitani, who wears the same number 13 as Yamamoto, hit a dramatic game-winning single to give the Giants a dramatic victory! >The net was filled with comments such as, “Maika Yamamoto is really too much of a victory goddess!

Yamamoto herself posted on her Instagram, After the first pitch, I watched the game to the end and was so excited. I was so excited that I stood up and rejoiced when the game was won in the end.

She was the “Goddess of Victory” at her first first pitch. For the Giants, who are aiming for a come-from-behind victory, acquiring Yamamoto may be what they need most, rather than trade reinforcements.

Yamamoto, who used to be a pitcher on the softball team
He said, “I was so nervous that I didn’t hear many cheers.
After only 15 minutes of practice, he decided to throw a strike.
Peace with a big smile
Taking off his cap and bowing
She captivated the audience with her beauty and pitching.
I still can’t help but notice her abs: ……
  • PHOTO Kumataro Arai

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