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Mirai Shida: “Too Cute!” Smile and “unimaginable” hobbies

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Excuse me!” Shida inquires, “Excuse me!

She and Yuto Takahashi (23) each carry two photos and ask passersby, “Do you know this person? We filmed the scene, changing angles and positions several times. During the production, he had a serious expression on his face, but when the cut was made and the camera position was being changed, he was laughing at the extras and the staff. Thanks to this, the scene was very congenial.

One day in early spring, Mirai Shida (30) was relaxing in a park in the suburbs of Tokyo with a lovely smile that had not changed since she was a child actress. She was filming on location for “Victory in Court” (NTV), a legal mystery in which she plays the lead role.

Her smile between takes was dazzling!

I was like, “Is that Mirai Shida? She’s grown up so much!

Shida was pleasantly surprised to see the grandmother of an onlooker, and proceeded with the filming.

However, the shooting schedule was to be finished by sunset if all went well, but as Shida and Takahashi were shooting a scene in which they were facing each other, it was already dark. Perhaps they were so enthusiastic that they overran their schedule, and by the time they finished filming, it was around 9:00 pm. However, Shida was still smiling at everyone around her by the end, relieving her exhaustion.

By the time the scene with Takahashi (left) was shot, it was dark.

How is it that Shida can afford to spend long hours on location?

A senior executive at an entertainment company revealed the “surprising side” of Shida’s character.

In fact, she was into boxing until five years ago. Despite her calm appearance, Shida actually hates to lose. To put it bluntly, she has a winning personality like a boy. He seems to get pleasure from pushing himself hard, and has told people around him that he “loves taking a shower after sweating it out in sparring and being exhausted.

Saunas are booming these days, but Mr. Shida is not good at them because of his inability to sit still, so he has avoided them until now. However, at the end of October last year, she appeared as a guest in a TV program called “Gekirea-san o o tsukita. (TV Asahi), a guest on the show was a man who had built a sauna hut by himself, and he became interested in it. When he actually tried it, the sensation of “getting in and out” became a pleasant sensation. Now, when he gets stressed or tired from work, he goes to the sauna alone to “get himself in shape.

This is another scene from the interview. It was filmed many times.

For the “stoic Shida,” the tight schedule of filming may have been a “pleasant experience” because he could push himself to the limit.

“Shida’s goal is in line with that of her agency. “What Ms. Shida is aiming for is in line with the ideas of her agency. I want to star in a drama that will become a series, like ‘Doctor X’ or ‘Forensic Woman. If she can find a good drama and get a role that she can get into even at her age, she will be safe as an actress. That’s because I have been in the entertainment business since I was a child actress, isn’t that right?

Shida’s struggle to make “Victory in Court” a popular series continues, as she continues to adjust herself to her new role.

Running! Running! While the cameras are rolling, she is just trying her best.
A sense of transparency that has not changed since her childhood as a child actress.
  • Photographed by Takeo Shigeta

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