Co-star arrested for marijuana, filming halted due to Corona… Seasoned actor Takumi Kitamura: “I’m not a poor guy” and many other misfortunes. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Co-star arrested for marijuana, filming halted due to Corona… Seasoned actor Takumi Kitamura: “I’m not a poor guy” and many other misfortunes.

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Kitamura played Yoshitaka’s lover in “On a Starry Night

He completely eclipsed Kim Taku. Kitamura Takumi is one of the most promising young actors of the moment. Such was the impression of Takumi Kitamura, who is arguably the most promising young actor of the moment. 25 Kitamura is a young actor.

Kitamura is currently co-starring withTakuya Kimura (50), a.k.a. Kimura Takuya, in the Monday drama “Kazama Kochin –Kyobo 0″ (Fuji TV ). He plays Tono, a young detective under the tutelage of Kazama, played by Kimura. When Tono was stabbed and mortally wounded by a criminal, the Internet went wild with screams. Since Tono ‘s blood type is AB, people said, “I ‘m typeABtoo!  I need to go for a blood transfusion right now!”Why am Inot AB!” and “Why am I not AB?

Kitamura is currently 25 years old. Kitamura is now 25 years old. He is currently starring in the hit movie series “Tokyo Revengers,” which has become a social phenomenon, and the second part of part 2 will be released soon. He also played the role of Yuriko Yoshitaka’s cute younger boyfriend in the winter drama “Hoshioru Yoru ni (On a Starry Night)” (TV Asahi), which aired this year, and was highly praised for his “younger doggy boy” performance.

He also starred in the drama “Yu Yu Hakusho. from Dec. Netflix Netflix and also starred in the popular band DISH// She is also known as the vocalist of the popular band “DISH//” and is unbeatable as a good-looking guy who can act and sing well.

The beautiful girl of the century has stolen the spotlight.

To tell the truth, however, Kitamura has been recognized for his outstanding potential for a long time, but he has had a hard time getting his big break. An interview writer familiar with the actor’s career had this to say: “To be honest, Kitamura’s breakthrough came too late.

To be honest, I think his breakthrough came too late. He has been the focus of attention since he was a child actor among writers who are always on the lookout for young actors. This is because he was teenager. In his teens, he played the childhood roles of such great actors as Masaki Okada, Jun Matsumoto, and Shun Oguri, and he always gave such good performances that he eclipsed them all.

He was handsome and had a great sense of acting, so I thought it was only a matter of time before he got his big break. However, my first solo starring role finally came in 23 I was 23 years old. I was 19 years old. I was 19 years old when I appeared in the hit movie “Kimi no Pancreas wo Eating Kimi no Pancreas wo Kudasai (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas),” which was also highly acclaimed. W The film’s lead actress, Minami Hamabe, a beautiful young woman of the century, was the talk of the town. I have the unfortunate impression that Mr. Kitamura is a person with no flaws or mistakes, but on the contrary, he has failed to make a strong impact.

Kitamura’s bad luck did not end there.

Kitamura-san is a close friend of Kentaro Ito, the actor who escaped from the scene of the traffic accident. They have been trying hard to sell the movie “Tonkatsu” together. DJ Agetaro” ( ’20 They finally co-starred in the movie “Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro” (’20). It was right before the release of the film that Mr. Ito had his incident. This film also starred Yusuke Iseya, who was arrested for violating the Marijuana Control Law, and its release was in jeopardy even though it was Kitamura’s first movie starring himself. So when the film was safely released, he even said tearfully in his stage greeting, “I am not a poor guy.

Mr. Kitamura was also the father of Haruma Miura (age 30), with whom he co-starred in a TV drama series. 30 ) passed away suddenly, and the filming of the movie “Tokyo Revengers” was canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis and its completion was in jeopardy. Why only him? He has suffered so many hardships that it is tempting to ask, “Why only him?

However, when he heard the screams of the viewers in “Kimichika Kazama – Kyobo 0-. (entertainment journalist). However, judging from the screams of the viewers in “Kochika Kazama – Kyobo 0-,” it seems that he has finally made a complete breakthrough. The editor of a women’s magazine in charge of entertainment sees the reason for this as follows.

Ms. Kitamura has always had a childlike face, but before her breakthrough, for some reason, she often played roles in which she was older than her actual age, such as working adults. For this reason, he often wore an all-back hairdo to make himself look desperately old, which destroyed his coolness.

But around the time of “Tokyo Revengers,” he started playing roles with a youthful feel. His charm is that child-like crinkle and innocent eyes. That’s why I liked him so much in “Tokyo Revengers,” as a straight-shooting boy, and also as a somewhat dangerous young detective in “Kyobo 0,” which made me nervous and sore. This year I will turn 26 I hope he will continue in this youthful mode for a while longer.

Tono, whom Kitamura plays in “Kazama Kimichika – Kyobo 0,” is in a critical condition, unconscious, and the situation is still unpredictable. Whether he will survive may depend on Kitamura’s own popularity.

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