Tatsuya Yamaguchi’s eldest son makes his debut: “My favorite artist is my father” – fans in tears | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tatsuya Yamaguchi’s eldest son makes his debut: “My favorite artist is my father” – fans in tears

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Tatsuya Yamaguchi, whose son made his debut with an idol group in Hawaii. (’18)

In the first semester of his third year of elementary school, he decided to live in Hawaii.

At that time, my mom saw him holding back tears and made up her mind that he would definitely do his best from now on.

A, the ex-wife of former TOKIO member Tatsuya Yamaguchi, reported on her Instagram that her eldest son Shotaro would be making his debut in the entertainment industry in Hawaii.

My eldest son, Shotaro, will be joining a group called [CROSSING RAIN].

The group is the first boy’s group in Hawaii, and if you look at their official Instagram, you’ll see that at first glance, they have the freshness of a Japanese idol group, and Shotaro has posted videos of him greeting people with a smile, reminiscent of Yamaguchi’s youth.

Yamaguchi and Ms. A divorced in 2004. The divorce was blamed on Yamaguchi’s lack of attention to his family, as he spent most of his time surfing and enjoying himself. Yamaguchi later retired from the entertainment industry in 2006 after being arrested for misconduct.

“She worked at a nail salon and as a pressure trainer to raise her children. She and Mr. Yamaguchi divorced, but she was worried about his mental illness and tried to have him recuperate in Hawaii.

I’m sure that not only his return to TOKIO but also his move to Hawaii went down the drain,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

In the meantime, Shotaro turned 13 and made his debut in the entertainment industry as a member of a boy group, following in the footsteps of his father whom he never met. A sent a long message of love to Shotaro on Instagram.

“I’m sure she was proud of Shotaro and reported to the world on Instagram.

Of course, I think she wanted to show Mr. Yamaguchi how splendid he looked, and she also wanted to tell him how much love and care she had put into raising him. I’m sure Yamaguchi-san is very happy about it.” (Female newspaper reporter)

In the comments on the Instagram

I cried.

I’ll cheer with you!

I’ll be rooting for you!” The followers were filled with emotion.

“On the group’s official home page, the name of her father, Yamaguchi, is listed as her favorite artist, along with Jongguk of the Korean idol group BTS. He also writes “my dad!” after his name, which is a bit of a joke.

He also answered “my parents” to the question “who has influenced me the most,” which gives me the impression that he is really growing up straight. I think this will be the best encouragement for Yamaguchi-san.” (Women’s magazine reporter)

If the group is successful in the future and the Covid-19 disaster settles down, there is a possibility that the group will be able to hold concerts in Japan. I wonder if Yamaguchi, the father, will be able to see his son’s big day…

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