Riho Yoshioka in a too-beautiful pure white dress – Young talented actress celebrating the 10th anniversary of her debut “Concerned about the future | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Riho Yoshioka in a too-beautiful pure white dress – Young talented actress celebrating the 10th anniversary of her debut “Concerned about the future

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Yoshioka celebrated his 10th anniversary this year. She smiled when handed a certificate of commendation.

Riho Yoshioka, who turned 30 this January, is going strong.

Yoshioka has been in movies, TV dramas, and radio shows. In May, she will appear in “God’s Hand” (TV Tokyo), a mystery drama set in the publishing industry, and in July, she will star in the movie “Ice Cream Fever. This spring marks the eighth year of her radio program “LIFESTYLE COLLEGE” (J-WAVE), and her versatility continues to grow.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of her performing career since her debut in 2001, and those in the entertainment industry are impressed by her success.

He began studying acting on his own in high school, attended an acting school, and participated in independent student-produced films. During his college years, he traveled back and forth between his hometown of Kyoto and Tokyo for lessons. He worked at various part-time jobs to raise money for the night bus fare, and over the course of five years, he honed his skills. I am sure he is more pleased with his current success than anyone else.

In February, she won the Best Actress Award at the 44th Yokohama Film Festival. She appeared at the award ceremony in a pure white sleeveless dress. She spoke with a smile about her joy at receiving the award and her aspirations for the future.

Her performance in the movie “Haken Anime! She received the award for her performance in “The Island Guard Tower. In her speech, she said joyfully, “Thank you for this wonderful award.

Yoshioka’s acting career has been smooth sailing. On the other hand, however, an official at an advertising agency pointed out that her multi-talented career is also a drawback.

Ms. Yoshioka is currently under contract for 10 commercials. Her clean and healthy beauty is popular among many people, but it can also be said that she is easy to use because she is not “colored as an actor. In her generation, Ms. Kawaguchi (Haruna, 28) received a sudden surge of recognition when she brilliantly played the role of Kicho (Princess Nohime), the wife of Nobunaga Oda, in the NHK historical drama “Kirin ga Kuru” (The Kirin Comes) in 2008. She then seized the opportunity and starred in “silent” (Fuji TV) last fall, which was a big hit and established her as a popular and talented actress. Whether or not she can peel off her skin like Ms. Kawaguchi will be a major challenge for Ms. Yoshioka in the future.

Having reached a milestone this year, Yoshioka’s challenge continues in order to take the next step forward.

Yoshioka at the award ceremony. She went up on the stage with a nervous look on her face.
Riho Yoshioka, who showed off her too-beautiful pure white dress, celebrated the 10th anniversary of her debut as a talented actress.
Riho Yoshioka, who showed off her beautiful pure white dress, celebrated the 10th anniversary of her debut.
Riho Yoshioka finished her speech without incident. The nape of her neck peeking out from her neatly bunched hair is also beautiful.
Nanase Nishino, who also appeared at the awards ceremony. She showed off her gorgeous dress.
Yuna Taira showed off a black sleeveless dress. She expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “I will continue to devote myself to the work and the role with great care.
Nishino, Taira, and Baba Fumika received the Best Newcomer Award. They showed three shots of their outstanding aura.

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