‘If I Get Sick, I Won’t Be Able To Enjoy the School Trip’, Female Teacher of Bleach in School Lunches Told in Court of Her Horrifying Motive for Committing the Crime | FRIDAY DIGITAL

‘If I Get Sick, I Won’t Be Able To Enjoy the School Trip’, Female Teacher of Bleach in School Lunches Told in Court of Her Horrifying Motive for Committing the Crime

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Defendant Hanzawa was arrested for putting bleach in school lunch curry.

There are no extenuating circumstances to explain her motive for committing the crime, which was based on her dissatisfaction with not being assigned to the 6th grade class she had hoped to teach, and her belief that the students would not be able to enjoy the school trip if they got sick.

The judge condemned the unusual behavior of the female teacher.

On March 27, the Saitama District Court (Judge Maki Kuroda) handed down a two-year prison sentence, suspended for four years, to a former female teacher accused of obstructing business by putting bleach in school lunch curry. The defendant, Ayana Hanzawa, 25, who worked at an elementary school in Fujimi City, Saitama Prefecture, was sentenced. In September last year, she was accused of interfering with the school’s operations by putting bleach in school lunch curry and forcing the postponement of a school trip.

The defendant Hanzawa told the court about her motive for the crime. ‘I didn’t want him to go on the school trip in a perfect state of mind. He had been in charge of the class since the fourth grade, but he became a sixth grader and was removed as homeroom teacher, apparently out of frustration. Hanzawa’s smartphone, which was confiscated, had search histories of poisoning, foreign object contamination, and so on.

The defense, on the other hand, claimed that he was stressed and fatigued due to his heavy workload. Hanzawa admitted the charges against him, paid the cancellation fee for the school trip, and showed remorse, which led to the suspended sentence.

FRIDAY Digital” reported on the case in detail in an article distributed on September 19, 2011. We would like to recount the motive and background behind Hanzawa’s crime (some corrections have been made).

As soon as the lid was opened, a strange smell hit the nose.

Hanzawa was arrested for putting bleach in school lunch curry.

Bubbles. bubbling and smelly.

It all started when a child in charge of serving food pointed this out. As soon as he opened the lid, a strange smell hit his nose. The homeroom teacher, who had been pointed out by the child, reported the incident to the police, and the crime was discovered.

On September 16 of last year, the Saitama Prefectural Police Iruma Police Station arrested Hanzawa on suspicion of obstruction of business. According to the police, around noon on the 15th, Hanzawa allegedly mixed chlorine bleach into a can of curry for school lunch (30 cm in diameter and 30 cm deep, enough for 23 students in one class) placed in the corridor on the third floor of the elementary school building. The Fujimi City Food Service Center is investigating the case.

When the Fujimi City Food Service Center took back all the cans of curry from the elementary school, they found no abnormalities except for the one in question. The smell of chlorine was unbearably strong. Fortunately, no children ate the curry. The elementary school was in an uproar for a while, confirming the safety of all the children.

The unusual incident occurred in a class that Hanzawa had been in charge of for two years until last March. Hanzawa had been working at the school since April 2008. He had been honestly responding to police questioning.

He bought bleach at a pharmacy, put it in his backpack, and brought it to school. As for the motive for the crime, he stated. ‘I was frustrated because I was removed from the class I was in charge of. I was very dissatisfied with the personnel.

The school was generally well received by the parents. He was very enthusiastic and always smiling. He was also known as a friendly teacher. On the other hand, there were some who said, ‘He was very prejudiced and biased in his thinking.

Changes in organizations are common. At a press conference, the superintendent of the city’s board of education made the following comment.

“I can’t believe it. I heard that (defendant Hanzawa) wanted to be assigned to the same class he was in charge of the following year. However, it is common for teachers to change classes and homeroom teachers every year. I didn’t switch them because there was a problem.”

It is clearly wrong to point the finger at the children in the form of “bleach contamination” just because they were dissatisfied with the personnel. Hanzawa’s words and actions immediately after the crime are also completely incomprehensible.

After the incident was discovered, the elementary school gathered all the teachers to discuss how to handle the situation. However, only Hanzawa’s whereabouts were unknown. When we contacted him via cell phone and SNS, he was found hiding inside the school.

When the principal asked Hanzawa about the situation, he quickly admitted, “I put bleach in it. The police arrived at the school and asked Hanzawa to voluntarily accompany them, leading to his arrest.”

Hanzawa was dismissed from his position as an elementary school teacher in January of this year.

Hanzawa was arrested for putting bleach in school lunch curry.
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