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Furusato Tax 2023 Latest Information “Super High Price & Slightly Weird Returns” Collection!

The battle between local governments has intensified and the ...... highest amount is 200 million yen! The highest amount is 200 million yen!

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[Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan]
Multi-purpose disaster prevention shelter “AEGIS” Model A6
Donation amount 200 million yen

This is a top-of-the-line model of shelter manufactured and developed by a local company “Miyama Technos”. It is fully customizable according to usage and situation.

The “Furusato (hometown) tax payment,” in which local products and other goods can be obtained for as little as 2,000 yen out-of-pocket, has become very popular. The number of people who donate to any municipality not only receive a tax deduction for the following year (subject to an upper limit depending on annual income), but also receive goods equivalent to about 30% of the donation amount, and the number of users has been increasing dramatically. The total amount of donations in FY2009 reached a record 830.2 billion yen, and local governments are engaged in an unprecedented “battle for returned goods” in an attempt to bring in tax revenues.

Most of the donations required to obtain the returned goods range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of yen, and many of them are practical items such as meat, fish, and toilet paper. However, there are some items that can only be obtained with a donation of an amount that is beyond the means of an ordinary person’s income, and there are also some items that are not intended for any use. Some of the items are only available with a donation of an amount that is beyond the means of an ordinary person’s income, and some are of questionable use.

First is the multipurpose disaster prevention shelter “Aegis,” a return gift from Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture. This disaster prevention shelter, manufactured by a local company, is completely waterproof and protects people and property from landslides, and can also be used as a nuclear shelter if buried underground. The required donation for the top-of-the-line model is 200 million yen, the highest amount in the history of Hometown Tax. The donation amount of 200 million yen is the highest in the history of Furusato taxation, and the annual income of approximately 4.5 billion yen is needed to reach the tax deduction limit of 200 million yen.

The tax credit was posted on the Furusato Tax Portal at the same time as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began. The tax credit attracted attention as a contingency measure, but we have not received any applications yet.

Local traditional crafts are often included in the lineup. In Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture, a warrior’s armor helmet made by the “Armor Workshop Marubu” is one of the returned items. A model of the armor worn by Nobunaga Oda can be obtained for a donation of 20 million yen.

It is the same model worn by Takuya Kimura, 50, who played Nobunaga Oda in the movie “Legend and Butterfly,” which was released this year. There are various grades of armor on display at Furusato, but the model with a donation amount of about 1 million yen receives applications at the rate of one per year” (company spokesperson).

In an unusual return gift, Toyama Prefecture is offering a “mikoshi” (portable Shinto shrine). The mikoshi was actually made as part of prison work at the Toyama Prison, and a total of 5,000 units have been shipped so far and are used throughout Japan. The required donation amount is 2.75 million yen. We do not know when it will be put to use, but it is certainly a way to contribute to the community in a way that has never been done before.

Recently, experience-based returns have been increasing. One that can be seen in many places is the right to broadcast an original program on “local radio in the region. The city of Suzuka in Mie Prefecture is offering the right to broadcast a program on a local FM station, Suzuka Voice FM, for the donation amount of 440,000 yen, allowing the owner to have a 15-minute program 12 times a month. With a listening area of 660,000 people, this is an ideal gift for those who have something they want to promote in the community.

The most unusual return gift is the “5 kg of drift ice” from the Sea of Okhotsk offered by Monbetsu City, Hokkaido. The ice floes washed up on the coast are delivered directly to your home via frozen delivery. Naturally, since it is made of seawater, it cannot be eaten or melted for drinking. What in the world will it be used for?

What are the benefits to the local government of exhibiting a “rare item” for which it is not certain if any donors will appear? Mr. Yoichi Sasaki of “Furusato Tax Payment Navi,” an information site on tax returns, says, “Many of the returned goods are made to order.

In addition, the commission paid to the portal site is only incurred when a donation is actually received. The cost of just posting the item is low, and if it becomes a topic of conversation on social networking sites, the publicity effect will be great. This is probably the reason for the increase in the number of unique returned goods.

The “lucky” gifts were the product of the PR strategies of each municipality.

[Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture]
Donation amount: 110 million yen

A sports car with an original design was returned as a gift. However, the base vehicle had to be brought in and modified to create this form.

[Uda City, Nara Prefecture]
Steel Otorii (Grand Gate)
Donation amount: 60 million yen

Uehira Kogyo, a metal processing manufacturer, will provide a steel torii gate, 7.5 m wide and 7 m high. This is a unique return gift from Uda City, Nara Prefecture, which has a deep history of temples and shrines.

A truly “romantic” returned gift!

[Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture]
Pacific Club Gotemba Course, 1 day private golf course rental
Donation amount: 3,334,000 yen

A full-day charter of the popular course at this prestigious club, where regular memberships are worth approximately 7 million yen. You can monopolize the “holy ground” where professional tournaments are also held with your friends.

[Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture]
Tube amplifier SH-833 (full power supply set)
Donation amount: 147 million yen

A top-of-the-line amplifier made by “WAVAC Audio Lab” that will make audiophiles roar. It weighs 500kg and was sold for $350,000 (47 million yen) overseas.

[Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture]
Canon RF800mmF5.6 L IS USM telephoto lens
Donation amount: 9,667,000 yen

Lenses from Canon, which has a factory in Utsunomiya City, are popular returned goods. This is the most expensive telephoto lens, with an actual price of around 2,450,000 yen.

Traditional crafts with a big impact

[Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture]
Oda Nobunaga, Gusoku (Bodomaru Gusoku) (copy of a poem)
Donation amount: 20 million yen

This is a reproduction of Oda Nobunaga’s armor, lavishly decorated with gold leaf in various places. Of course, it is also possible to actually wear it.

[Aisai, Aichi Prefecture]
Japanese high-class wooden fish ″Gyokusai″ No. 15
Donation amount: 1,150,000 yen

Ichikawa Mokugyo Seizosho” in Aisai City is Japan’s only large-scale wooden fish manufacturer. It takes 7 to 10 years for the wood to dry, and the patterns are carved by hand by craftsmen. It takes a lot of time and effort.

[Toyama Prefecture]
Mikoshi 1.3 shaku, Type A
Donation amount: 2.75 million yen

Ichikawa Wooden Fish Factory” in Aisai City is the only large-scale wooden fish factory in Japan. It takes 7 to 10 years for the wood to dry, and the patterns are carved by hand by craftsmen. It takes a lot of time and effort.

The spark that ignited the “rare returned gift” craze

[Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture]
Scallop swimsuit (top and bottom set)
Donation amount: 6000 yen

You too can be Kumiko Takeda! A swimsuit made from reused live scallop shells has become a hot topic on the Internet. According to the manufacturer, “It can be used by both men and women.

There is also a different kind of hands-on experience.

[Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture]
Porsche test drive experience (90 minutes)
Donation amount 220,000 yen

Porsche has newly built a large circuit in Kisarazu City. You can test drive the latest models of the luxury car maker, such as the 911, and experience professional high-speed driving.

[Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture]
Broadcasting rights for “Suzuka Voice FM” program
Donation amount: 440,000 yen

The right to broadcast an original 15-minute radio program 12 times a year in the circuit town of Suzuka. You can use the program in any way you like, such as for racing talks or advertising your company.

[Taka Town, Hyogo Prefecture]
Ticket to become a local hero, Taka Gold
Donation amount: 1 million yen

Become a member of the local hero “Taka Ranger” for one year. 1,000,000 yen of your hometown tax can be spent on a hero of justice. ……

A “rare item” that is easy to buy. A “rare” product

[Inagawa Town, Hyogo Prefecture]
Stag beetle (adult) with osmespear breeding set
Donation amount: 15,000 yen

This is a unique gift from the town of Inagawa, where the stag beetle habitat “Akodani” is located. An insect cage and mats are included, so you can start breeding right away. It is popular among families.

[Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture]
Roulette-type omikujiji machine
Donation amount: 33,000 yen

This is the “thing” that you often see at snack bars and popular bars, where you put in 100 yen and a fortune comes out. A company in Takizawa City is the sole manufacturer of this item, and it has been designated as a return gift.

[Monbetsu City, Hokkaido]
Drift ice from the Sea of Okhotsk (about 5 kg)
Donation amount 10,000 yen

This is an unprecedented return gift of drift ice that has drifted ashore and is sent by frozen delivery. Incidentally, if you donate 2,000,000 yen, you will receive 1 metric ton. How can I consume it? ……

Information as of February 27

From the March 17, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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