Why the Majors have a high opinion of Masahiro Tanaka, who has not won a game in 10 starts… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why the Majors have a high opinion of Masahiro Tanaka, who has not won a game in 10 starts…

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Tanaka looks frustrated on the bench after failing to win a game against the Orix on October 25 (Image: Kyodo News)

We couldn’t win again.

October October October 25 Masahiro Tanaka of Rakuten, who started the game against the Orix on October 25 ( 32 (32) of Rakuten pitched 8 innings, giving up 2 runs but losing the game. This was his 20th start in August. August 20 This was his first start since August 20th against Nippon Ham. This was the 10th consecutive game This was his 10th consecutive game without a win since August 20 against Nippon Ham. He has 4 wins and 9 losses this season, with a save percentage of3.01 He has a record of 4 wins, 9 losses, and a save percentage of 01. It was a disappointing result for him, as he returned to Japanese baseball after an eight-year absence from the major leagues, and there were high expectations for him as he was said to be a championship contractor. After the game, he left a frustrated comment.

After the game, he commented with regret: “I think I was largely responsible for the team’s third-place finish (missing out on the championship). I put them through a lot of trouble.”

At the beginning of the game against Orix, he chose the song “One More Thing” by Funky Monkey Babies as his entrance song. They became the No. 1 team in Japan. The song was played during the Japan Series in 2001. It was the same song that was played during the Japan Series in 2001, when I won the Japan championship. I could feel his enthusiasm for his final appearance, but it did not lead to a victory.

“Tanaka had been in a slump since before the start of the season, when he broke his right soleus muscle (the muscle at the back of the calf) during practice in March. He has been injured in his right leg several times during his time in the majors, so his recovery was not as smooth as he would have liked.

As a result, he was unable to step in and drive straight. Since I couldn’t hold him down with my straight pitches, batters were targeting my more variable pitches. In an attempt to make his pitches more variable, he was throwing them out of bounds more often than not,” said a sports reporter.

The ability that cannot be understood by the number of wins

Tanaka has signed a two-year contract with Rakuten at an estimated salary of 900 million yen, but he has “opt-out rights” that allow him to challenge the majors midway through the contract. He has also said that he has unfinished business, and it is said that he will challenge the majors again in the off-season. But …… I’m not sure what to make of it.

“I think it’s going to be tough with my performance this season. If we had won the championship, the team would have finished third. It’s hard for him to say, ‘Please let me challenge the majors,’ because he feels responsible.

However, surprisingly, teams in the majors have a high opinion of Tanaka.

But surprisingly, teams in the majors think highly of Tanaka. “What the majors value is not the number of wins. If you are a starter, the key is how many games you can start. Tanaka has made six quality starts this season, allowing three earned runs or less in six innings. 23 of 23 games 17 That’s the highest number on the team. This is the highest number on the team. We didn’t have a lot of support from the batting line, but we were able to make a game of it.

The number of batters he allowed to reach base in an inning. WHIP which indicates how many batters reached base in an inning.1.03 The WHIP was 03. His WHIP was 03, which was the second highest in the league behind Orix’s Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who won all the pitching titles including best defense, most wins, and most strikeouts. He is also fourth in the league in earned run average. Despite being in far from perfect physical condition due to a leg injury, he still managed to produce such great results. Some major league scouts are saying, ‘That’s Tanaka.

The number of wins alone does not tell the story of Tanaka’s ability. Will he be able to show off his impressive pitching in the Climax Series?

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