Tomoaki Makino and His lovely Wife, Rin Takanashi, Had a 60,000 yen Per Person Luxury Birthday Dinner With Friends | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tomoaki Makino and His lovely Wife, Rin Takanashi, Had a 60,000 yen Per Person Luxury Birthday Dinner With Friends

Former Japanese national soccer team player, "very active" as a commentator at the World Cup in Qatar, ended his 17-year professional career.

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I, Tomoaki Makino, will end my voyage here. Thanks to the support and encouragement of many people, I have been able to come this far, even though I have been in rough seas.

On Christmas Eve last year, Tomoaki Makino (35) suddenly announced his retirement, ending his 17-year professional career.

Makino (back) and Takanashi get out of a cab parked near Sugalabo and head inside the restaurant a little after 8:30 p.m.

The self-proclaimed “festival man of the soccer world” declared, “The second chapter has begun. I’m ready for the next journey!” he continued.

Although the announcement came as a surprise, the wordings was carefully prepared. Behind the announcement was the presence of an indispensable partner for his “second chapter.” On the night exactly one week before he announced his retirement, Makino visited Sugalabo, a very popular French restaurant in Tokyo where reservations were hard to get. His wife, actress Rin Takanashi (34), was by his side.

The restaurant is owned by Yosuke Suga, a genius chef who studied under Joel Robuchon, a master of French cuisine, and was appointed executive chef of “L’atelier de Joel Robuchon” in Roppongi at the age of 26. The restaurant is completely introductory, with no phone number disclosed. The price is 60,000 to 80,000 yen per person, and the customers are all celebrities, including Masumi Kuwata, 54, the general manager of the Giants farm, and his son. Both Mr. and Mrs. Makino are big fans of the restaurant and regular customers. Last year, a video of Mr. Suga squeezing Mont Blanc cream in a customer’s face at the sister restaurant Sugalabo V was leaked and caused a firestorm. Although the public became aware of this famous restaurant, the trust of Mr. and Mrs. Makino was unshaken.

The couple took a cab to “SUGALABO” and left the restaurant after 1:00 a.m., more than four hours after they had entered.

In fact, the next day was Takanashi’s birthday. While celebrating the birth of their beloved partner earlier than anyone else, the couple must have had a good talk about “Chapter 2” with their friends. After heading home with his wife, who was a little unsteady on her feet, Makino updated his Instagram page.

Happy birthday to my wife. Happy birthday! I get a lot of inspiration every day. I wish you all the best in the future.

He uploaded a congratulatory message with a photo of his wife.

I guess he has come to his senses after his “great performance” at the World Cup in Qatar. I worked as a pitch reporter there, and the cheerful and service-oriented “festival man” fit in perfectly. His commentary was full of quips, and his “Makino’s naked eye” had a big impact when he judged “Mitsuno’s 1 mm” to be a goal before the VAR. His dialogue with Keisuke Honda (36) on the network TV program ABEMA was also well received. I think he can do well in both the soccer and entertainment worlds,” said a director of a key station.

Immediately after announcing his retirement, Honda immediately asked, “Can I join EDO ALL UNITED, the soccer club I founded? “, said by a director of a known station. Although not a match for Makino’s aspirations to become a coach, it looks like a lively start to the new year.

Mr. and Mrs. Suga (middle) came out of the restaurant after 1:00 am. Takanashi is holding a large paper bag, probably a birthday present.
Tomoaki Makino and his wife, Rin Takanashi, had a “60,000 yen per person” luxury birthday dinner at a well known restaurant.
Tomoaki Makino and his wife, Rin Takanashi, enjoy a “60,000 yen per person” luxury birthday dinner at a well known restaurant.
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