Erika Sawajiri’s “remarriage report” has a serious impact on the resumption of her entertainment activities. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Erika Sawajiri’s “remarriage report” has a serious impact on the resumption of her entertainment activities.

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Erika Sawajiri is one or two of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry. Many fans and people concerned are eagerly awaiting her return, but… (’06)

Actress Erika Sawajiri, whose suspended sentence will expire in February, is once again under a cloud of gloom. A certain person has suggested that she and Sawajiri are getting married.

On February 6, 2008, Sawajiri was convicted of violating the Narcotics Control Law for possessing the synthetic drug MDMA and sentenced to one year and six months in prison with a three-year suspended sentence. During her trial, Sawajiri apologized for the trouble she had caused to her business associates and family, and said that she had not thought about returning to acting.

“I am not thinking about it.

However, her agency, Avex Inc. However, her agency, Avex, has not terminated Sawajiri’s contract.

When some media reported that “Erika Sawajiri is working at a Roppongi lounge,” Avex Chairman Katsuto Matsuura said on his YouTube channel, “We are going to work very hard for her.

When we are trying to do our best for her, these stupid rumors are spreading. It makes me mad.

On the other hand, he suggested that the whole office is trying to get Sawajiri back.

The Weekly Bunshun reported that Sawajiri was not only using MDMA, but also snorting cocaine in the VIP section of a festival at the time. Ms. Sawajiri’s best friend, Ako, who was producing club events, is believed to be the procurer.

In short, it is believed that the bad friend brought drugs to the club and other places and used them. That is why it is an absolute prerequisite for the resumption of entertainment activities to cut ties with the bad friend once and for all. The situation is getting worse. However, the situation is becoming more and more suspicious.

It all started with an unexpected video.

Rapper RYKEY DADDY DIRTY appeared as a guest on Satoru’s YouTube channel “Satoru’s Gansta Life,” which was broadcast on January 22.

RYKEY is the former ex-biological partner of Masao Kusakari’s daughter, Beniran, and their first child, their first daughter, was born in December ’18. Later, due to RYKEY’s domestic violence, the marriage was dissolved.

RYKEY is a person who was once arrested for beating and injuring two men in ’19. Recently, RYKEY has said that he and SAWAJIRI are getting married.

At the end of the shopping video with the rapper Satoru, RYKEY says

I’m going home soon. I have a date with Erika Sawajiri. She’s been playing with me lately, so I’m thinking of marrying her. I’m thinking of marrying her.

He confessed that he and Sawajiri were “getting along well” and even hinted that they were getting married again.

RYKEY is still posting about marijuana on Twitter without hesitation, and his image is not good. I think it would be a negative thing for Ms. Sawajiri to be in a relationship with such a person in order to make a comeback. Even if her ‘marriage’ is not true, sponsors will shy away from her unless she distances herself from her ‘bad friends'” (source from a TV station).

(A TV station insider) “I wonder if the ‘problematic’ rapper and Sawajiri are really ‘on good terms’…” (A TV station insider)

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