With the warmth of the emperor and empress in her heart… Mako: “Marriage is for living” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

With the warmth of the emperor and empress in her heart… Mako: “Marriage is for living”

This sad wedding press conference "brought tears to my eyes" and "I hope you will be happy".

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On the afternoon of the 26th, at a hotel near the British Embassy. There was an unusual tension in the press conference room where Mako Komuro and Kei were waiting. It was the first time they had been together since their unofficial engagement press conference four years ago.

Mako and Kei Komuro’s wedding press conference. The two expressed their gratitude and apologies, and I wish them all the best for the future. Photo: Representative photo/Reuters/Afro

“Please accept my best wishes.

They exchanged eye signals and bowed deeply to the reporters. At the beginning of her speech, Mako expressed her sympathy for the victims of the Corona disaster and her gratitude to the people. And then.

“I am aware that there are various views on the marriage between you and Kei. For me, Mr. Kei is an irreplaceable presence. Marriage was a necessary choice for us to live together. I would like to live together with both of you.

Mako made this statement firmly, and never lost her temper.

Normally, this would have been a “sunny wedding press conference,” but their expressions were stiff. That’s no surprise. For the past few years, and especially the past few months, they have been subjected to tremendous criticism.

The emperor and his family have warmly accepted Mako.

In the midst of all this, Mako reportedly said, “The emperor and his family have met me warmly.

“I went to the Imperial Palace on the 22nd. On the 22nd, I went to the Imperial Palace to report my marriage and greet the Emperor and Masako. Aiko and her dog, Yuri, were invited to the palace for a friendly chat, which was a great relief for Mako.

His Majesty warmly welcomed Mako, and Masako invited Aiko and her dog, Yuri, who were waiting outside the room. Aiko is very close to Mako, and Yuri is very fond of her. It seems that the emperor and his family were very happy to see Mako so close to them,” said an Imperial Household Agency official.

For Mako, the hardships of being a member of the royal family were immeasurable. But no matter what, the day of the wedding arrived.

I’m sure that many of the people who watched the press conference, in which her expression remained firm, felt a strong sense of congratulations.

“The two men, who have always been criticized but have remained true to their intentions, clearly denied the various scandals that had been pointed out. Mr. Komuro’s use of the imperial family, Mako’s decision to choose the U.S. as her base of living, and Mr. Komuro’s mother’s receipt of an illegal survivor’s pension were all ruled out as factual errors.

If that had been the case, I still have a simple feeling that I would have liked an explanation sooner. It cannot be denied that there were not enough words.

But in what way could a person with the status of a member of the Imperial Family express his opinions freely and openly? I believe that the events of Ms. Komuro and Ms. Mako have caused us to rethink the extreme restrictions on human rights that are being imposed on all members of the Imperial Family.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love Mako.”

With a stiff expression on his face, Kei Komuro said this as if he had made up his mind. I’m not sure how many arrows or stones can be thrown at this declaration, which sounds like a statement of determination.

“I would like to apologize to everyone who has caused me trouble.

And apologies, apologies, apologies. It was a very sad beginning, but Mako was ready to bounce back from it.

“I believe in you, Kei, and I want to build a warm family.

Perhaps this is what the emperor and his family look like.

The royal family is taught that they must not reveal their feelings. When Kako said goodbye to her sister at the Akishino Palace, she “unintentionally embraced her,” according to an official of the Imperial Household Agency.

Noriko stared at her daughter-in-law, while Akishino looked at her as she got into the car and waved goodbye. Kako, who was worried about her sister’s health, secretly rushed to the hotel to attend the press conference.

Marriage or not, we are all One Whether they marry or not, they will always be “people” of the same parent or I friends and friends Friends and acquaintances and other We live among others. Sometimes we are happy There are times when we are happy and times when we are not. At all times Looking forward Look forward. You have to look forward.

With the support of her family and many other people, Mako has reached this day. Mako accepted the criticism of her parents’ lack of filial piety, abandoned her wedding dress, and went through with the marriage. With thissadpress conference, many people in Japan may have switched their feelings to one of congratulations. Voices of congratulations for theirmarriagearespreading, especially among young people. Even though she will be leading a new life abroad, the inconveniences and restrictions of a former princess will still be with her. We can only hope that Mako will have a happy future ahead of her.

  • Photo Representative photo/Reuters/Afro

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