Mother “wanted to hug him one last time”… Inawashiro Boat Death Accident: “Photos of defendant’s lavish spending” called into question in court. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mother “wanted to hug him one last time”… Inawashiro Boat Death Accident: “Photos of defendant’s lavish spending” called into question in court.

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Lake Inawashiro in Fukushima Prefecture, where the tragic accident occurred (Image: Kyodo News)

‘I turned around right after I was run over by the boat and realized that I had died in an instant. I wanted to hold her in my arms for the last time. …… I couldn’t move my body at all, I couldn’t even touch him. ……”

On December 12, the 6th trial was held at the Fukushima District Court for the accident at Lake Inawashiro (Aizuwakamatsu City, Aizu Prefecture) in which Eita Toyoda, then 8, and three others were caught in a pleasure boat and killed or injured. Eita’s mother, Mrs. A, who appeared as a witness, spoke at times in a choked voice. Ms. A, who herself suffered serious amputation from the knees down, said, “I still wish I had reached out to Eita at that time.

The accident occurred in September 2008.

The defendant charged with manslaughter is Tsuyoshi Sato, 45, a former company president. A large pleasure boat operated by the defendant Sato engulfed Eita and others one after another. The investigation was difficult because it was an accident on the water with little physical evidence remaining. However, a passenger provided a video of the incident, and in September 2009, the Aizu Wakamatsu Police Department arrested Sato.

Two shots with Sho Nakata

The image uploaded by Sato to a social networking service. Enjoying a fine Japanese meal with a glass of champagne in one hand.

The FRIDAY report also revealed that Sato had been living a celebrity lifestyle for about a year before his arrest. A male acquaintance of the defendant told us in the October 8, 2009 issue of this magazine

About a week before his arrest, I played golf with him in Ibaraki Prefecture, but there was nothing unusual about it. One month after the accident, they played together at another golf course.

He also liked baseball and was good friends with Nakata (Sho); they boasted about their two-shot photos, and Nakata gave him a guest pass to visit the Nippon Ham camp (which he belonged to at the time). He posted a photo on his Instagram page saying he met Otani (Shohei) behind the stands.

Let’s return to the courtroom scene at the beginning of this article. Eita’s mother, Ms. A, accused the defendant, saying, “If [Sato] had been aware of his surroundings, the accident would not have happened. She also criticized the defendant, saying, “I don’t think he is sorry at all.”

The issue before the court was a photo that Sato posted on a social networking site after the accident (see related image). The photos posted on …… show him piloting a pleasure boat with a big smile on his face and enjoying a fine Japanese meal with a bottle of champagne worth nearly 2 million yen in his hand. This is the kind of behavior that offends the bereaved families.

Furthermore, Sato had consistently denied the charges at the time of his arrest, saying he had no recollection of the incident. He told the police, “If I apologize, it would be like admitting that I did it. However, after talking with his lawyer, he changed his strategy after the trial began. In court, he apologized, saying, ‘I am truly sorry.

The next trial is scheduled for January 24, 2011.

While driving dangerously, Sato jokingly asked his passenger, “Are you a coward? (The same as above). From Sato’s SNS
Two shots with Tekashi. The defendant held a golf competition, invited celebrities, and purchased a 20 million yen membership to a prestigious golf course. From Sato’s SNS
A photo with Sho Nakata. Sato’s parents have a lot of autograph balls and autographs of athletes at their home. From Sato’s SNS
With Ken Horiuchi of “Neptune”, Go Kitazawa, and Diamond Yukai at a yakiniku restaurant he owned. From Sato’s SNS
His favorite car, a Lamborghini Aventador. He also drove a Rolls Royce. From Sato’s SNS
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