Former “King & Prince” Iwahashi Genki confesses new “mental illness” triggered by some fans’ outbursts. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former “King & Prince” Iwahashi Genki confesses new “mental illness” triggered by some fans’ outbursts.

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Former “King&Prince” member Iwahashi Genki left Johnny’s in 2009 due to panic disorder.

Former “King & Prince” member Iwahashi Genki has been suffering from “obsessive-compulsive disorder,” he revealed during an Instagram live on December 11.

Iwahashi made his CD debut as a member of Kimpuri in 2006. However, in a documentary program broadcast in October of the same year, he revealed that he was suffering from panic disorder, and left Johnny’s in March 2009.

Iwahashi moved to Los Angeles, USA, and has been active as a solo artist. He seems to be leading a fulfilling life, uploading many photos of his travels and daily life on his Instagram….

In an Instagram live on January 11, Iwahashi said

“Lately, there are times when I feel that my heart is a little bit hard,” Iwahashi revealed.

I don’t want to hide anything from my fans. He said, “I don’t want to hide anything from my fans.

I feel like I have a new disease.

He revealed that he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder in addition to panic disorder, which he has been battling for some time. Iwahashi described his “symptoms” as follows.

I obsess myself thinking, ‘I might have hurt someone. I obsess about myself and become afraid to do anything.

He confesses, “I have a hard time meeting with people or making phone calls. It is hard for her to meet people or make phone calls. He also said that the support of his fans makes him “happy.

Kimpuri used to be a member of the group, but Shiyoh Hirano, Yuta Kishi, and Yuta Jinguji will leave the group in May of next year. Each made the decision to leave Johnny’s. At that time, Iwahashi immediately posted on Instagram

Please don’t say anything that will hurt or offend the members of King&Prince, and please don’t say anything that is just speculation. If you still want to say it, send it directly to my Instagram DM! I will take it all in.

He posted. The post showed the kizuna between him and the members.

Many fans were moved by his single-minded devotion to Kimpuri, but what came after that was not acceptable. Iwahashi opened his personal Twitter account just at that time.

He was as excited as Hideaki Takizawa and posted a lot. Some Tiara (Kimpuri fans) booed him, saying, ‘Shut up Iwahashi,’ and ‘Read the air.

Some media reported that Mr. X, an American producer who supports Iwahashi’s activities, is “targeting” the three members who are leaving Kinpuri.

The story circulated that Mr. Iwahashi had bridged the three to Mr. X.” The rumor that Mr. X was the “mastermind” behind the whole drama of their departure from the group went even further. Tiara is not worried about what will happen to the three members after next year.

Some people have even come to believe that because of Mr. Iwahashi’s “dark role,” a “terrible thing has happened” to them.

Of course, there is absolutely no evidence that Iwahashi was involved in the Hirano and others’ exit from the group. Nevertheless, Iwahashi is said to have been inundated with slanderous remarks from some tiaras.

A TV station official who knows Iwahashi said

He is sensitive and takes such bashing seriously. He has always suffered from panic disorder, so he is weak in the area of “mental tolerance.

He is said to have newly developed obsessive-compulsive disorder, which may have been affected by the slander and negative media coverage.

Iwahashi is now a member of Jinguashi, which is leaving the group.

Iwahashi has been good friends with Jinguji, who is leaving the group, since they were in the group, and it is said that they are still in contact with each other. A reporter from a sports newspaper said

There are reports that Iwahashi and Jinguji will be working together after next May, but it is likely that their first priority will be to “take care of their hearts.

Currently, some of the tiaras are becoming more extreme. For the sake of the members and Iwahashi, it is necessary to cool down for a while.

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