One year has passed since the shocking death of Sayaka Kanda… Lamentations of her lover, Takehisa Maeyama: “A year of despair spent in darkness | FRIDAY DIGITAL

One year has passed since the shocking death of Sayaka Kanda… Lamentations of her lover, Takehisa Maeyama: “A year of despair spent in darkness

While Seiko Matsuda is actively engaged in a nationwide tour and 50,000 yen dinner shows,...... Sayaka's lover, Takehisa Maeyama, is still in a world that has lost its light.

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Sayaka and Maeyama, dressed in pajamas, are frightened. The marriage certificate they wrote together was to be submitted on January 11 of this year, which is considered the “best opening day of the year.

Making up for a fight they had had before leaving Tokyo, the two decided to go out to eat some of Sapporo’s delicious food.

Sayaka Kanda requested sushi on line to her boyfriend, Takehisa Maeyama (31). She apologized again for getting into a fight and thanked him for accepting to live together from February after the new year. Maeyama replied, “Don’t worry!

I’m fine! We’ve had some surprises, but we’ll do our best to keep smiling at each other.

The next day, Maeyama suggested that the three of them, including Sayaka’s manager, go out for Genghis Khan. Sayaka suggested ramen.

However, this date did not take place. Sayaka returned to her hotel room saying, “I don’t feel well,” and opened the window and fell to her death at ……. It was December 18 last year.

A year has passed since then, and Maeyama still lives in a world that has lost its light.

The day after Sayaka’s death, two investigators from the Hokkaidō police came to Gōkyū’s room and asked him, ‘Were you in a relationship?
According to the Shukan Bunshun, a “suicide note” was left on the desk in Sayaka’s room, but the investigators stated, “There was no suicide note. They also said, ‘There is no case,'” (Maeyama’s friend).

Maeyama immediately returned to Tokyo. Some media wrote that Maeyama “ran away,” but according to the friend, “his agency, Watanabe Entertainment, called him back to respond to inquiries from a weekly magazine. A fellow actor in Maeyama confides.

Gohisa was canned in a hotel for about a week and then shut up at home. His mother and sister took turns coming to Tokyo to support him.

I think they also had the purpose of monitoring him to make sure he did not commit suicide. Losing his girlfriend three days before he proposed to her, the shock was immeasurable.”

Three days after Sayaka’s death, Maeyama made a reservation for dinner on the evening of December 21. As reported in this magazine, Maeyama was to present Tiffany with an engagement ring and propose to her there.

The couple had already signed and sealed their marriage certificate, but their newlywed life, which was supposed to begin in February, came to a halt.

By early April, when Sayaka’s mother, Seiko Matsuda (60), resumed her dinner shows, Maeyama had dropped all work, and his contract with his agency expired at the end of June, when Seiko’s national tour began.

Gokyu has been eating his way through his savings, occasionally helping out at his friends’ jobs. Sayaka encouraged him, saying, ‘You have talent! Sayaka had encouraged him to continue his career as an actor, but he was not able to do so. However, the slanderous comments have not stopped, and I have even received threatening letters, and I am in despair. The only support he has is the fan letters he received from his family, friends, and his agency until he left the company, saying, ‘I want to see your play again.

Sayaka’s manager, with whom she had dinner the night before her death and with whom she had consulted immediately after her death, resigned his position and stopped responding to her messages asking to visit her grave.

While Seiko was in the spotlight at a 50,000 yen dinner show just before the anniversary of her death, Maeyama has yet to take the next step.

He is still holding the engagement ring, which is carefully tucked away in a box engraved with Sayaka’s initials.

The December 16 issue of “FRIDAY” and the “FRIDAY Subscription” paid-version website provide details of Sayaka’s interactions with Maeyama and what kind of year he has spent since her death.

Last December, they had a “Tokyo Disney Sea” date and cracked open the trendy “Little Green Man”. He was happy as could be. ……

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From the December 30, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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