The Fuji Political Department is not happy with “Elpis”, “Silent” is a hit and the station is trying to take advantage of it… Behind-the-scenes stories of the hottest dramas are all revealed! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Fuji Political Department is not happy with “Elpis”, “Silent” is a hit and the station is trying to take advantage of it… Behind-the-scenes stories of the hottest dramas are all revealed!

Close Report from the Shooting Site "silent" sets a new record with 6.88 million views "Sidekick" is strong in both households and core viewers "Kurozagi", a version of "Shiyoh Hirano" stalled due to the Kinpuri leaving furore "Elpis" received unexpected complaints from famous actors whose stock rose with "Atom no Kodomo", and more...

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The love between Meguro and Kawaguchi is the talk of the town in “silent. As of November 1, the total number of views on the streaming service exceeded 22 million.

This season, “silent” (Fuji TV) has been the sole winner, setting records one after another in terms of appeal to women in their 20’s to 40’s. In the fourth episode, it hit 6.88 million views. In the fourth episode, the program received 6.88 million views. Fuji is also very excited about it, and is now actively including the words “silent” and “Meguro Ren” in its program listings for information programs,” said a producer at a key station.

Considering that the number of views per episode of “Not to Mention Mystery,” which holds the record for the total number of views, was approximately 3 million, one can see how this is a monster hit.

Writer Kumao Oyama points out that behind the success is a new scriptwriter.

Miku Ubukata, now 29 years old, worked as a nurse before winning the “Young Scenario Grand Prize” and making her debut as a screenwriter. This is the first time she has written a screenplay as a job, but she is able to express the emotions of the characters by carefully layering commonplace words, and casually apply devices that allow the viewer to understand later that a word heard casually actually has another meaning. It is honestly amazing that there is none of the overacting or overly straightforward dialogue that has been common in previous dramas, and yet it still manages to move you emotionally.”

According to the production company staff, in addition to the script, reality was also pursued in the film, and “the phone scene between Kawaguchi Haruna (27) and Suzuka Takashi (22) was shot by two film crews, with the two actually talking to each other in different locations.

The popular series “Partners: Season 21” (TV Asahi) got off to the best start, ranking first in both household viewer ratings and core viewer ratings (ratings among men and women aged 13-49).

It must be the “Kameyama effect. The revival of Yasufumi Terawaki (60), who plays Kaoru Kameyama, is considered to have contributed to the popularity of the series and its eventful nature. On the other hand, “The Travel Nurse” of the same station features Miho Nakazono of “Doctor X” with high core viewer ratings as the scriptwriter. The drama is also set in a hospital, but has not received core viewership ratings. Perhaps the association with “Doctor X” should have been put forth to penetrate the core generation of viewers. Older generations tend to watch dramas based on viewing habits such as time slots, but the core generation tends to be interested in dramas based on the topic,” said Oyama.

However, the Kameyama effect did not last long, and the core rating for “Partners” declined: 2.4% in the third week of November, double the 4.9% for “silent,” which rose steadily.

The “Kurosagi” (TBS) also got off to a good start, but was unexpectedly doused with cold water. The announcement of Shiyoh Hirano (25) of “King & Prince” that he was leaving Johnny’s. “It was just a publicity stunt for the sake of pushing the storyline,” said the director of TBS. The director of a key station lamented, “It has made it difficult to promote the series.

The director of a key station lamented, “It’s hard to get a promotion for a mid-season push. The director of a key station lamented, “It was Hirano’s appointment in consideration of the Johnny’s office for the remake. …… The programming of each station may change in the future. The treatment of “Galapagos idol” Johnny’s is a headache for Japanese TV stations, where overseas expansion through distribution is becoming a trend.

Since the announcement of the departure, the locations listed on the “Kurosagi” extra application form have been changed from “Tokyo’s 00 wards” to “Tokyo’s 00 districts,” but even so, core fans still rush to the locations based on SNS sightings. Hirano, perhaps sensing that the winds of criticism will be stronger in the future, is said to be devoting himself to fan service between takes.

TBS, which has produced a string of mega-hits such as “Hanzawa Naoki,” continues to struggle with its signature Sunday theater series, “Atom no Kodomo” (Atom’s Child).

The game industry, which should be full of hope, has become a world without dreams. The villains led by Odagiri Joe (46) have done too much ……. I came to realize that if Teruyuki Kagawa (56) had remained the big boss of the enemy instead of dropping out due to the scandal, I might have enjoyed it – and the demand for Kagawa. Of course, Odagiri is not to blame, as he plays the villain perfectly” (drama watcher Masahiro Kitagawa).

A TBS insider continued.

The only thing that made the drama more successful was the understudy, Mr. Odagiri, whose acting ability was superb and who was very good on the set. His solid acting skills and sincere attitude on the set have earned him a favorable reputation among the drama team, and he will be cherished by TBS dramas in the future,” said a producer at a key station.

Although the numbers are not good, many drama watchers recommend “Elpis: Hope or Disaster” (Fuji) as “this season’s number one”.

This is the work of Ayumi Sano, one of the hottest producers of the moment, who has produced such masterpieces as “Quartet,” “Tomoko Soyada and Her Three Former Husbands,” and “The Empire of a 17-Year-Old. It also stars Masami Nagasawa (35) and Hitoshi Oneda, the golden duo behind the film “Moteki”. It is an industry drama set in a TV station, pursuing a false accusation case. The camerawork is exciting, and Nagasawa’s love scenes are quite graphic,” said Kitagawa.

(Mr. Kitagawa) The drama is also sarcastic toward the mass media and has a reputation as an “aggressive drama,” but it is facing headwinds from an unexpected source.

The drama is produced by Kantele, but there are whispers of dissatisfaction from the politics and news departments of key station Fuji Television, asking why they are producing such a self-deprecating drama. I heard that protests were even raised at meetings within the station. It is rumored that Mr. Sano is fed up with Kantele after hearing about the commotion.

The theme of “Kimi no Hana ni Naru” (TBS), starring Tsubasa Honda (30), is about a boy group that has recently become popular, but Mr. Oyama says, “You watch the auditions and get emotionally involved with the group, but that process is cut out. The emotional scenes that seem to have been added on to the film are also not very entertaining. The setting in which Tsubasa Honda is a matron is also unreasonable.

A staff member at the production company defended the film as follows.

The goods of 8LOOM are more widely distributed than those of any other idol group. It is an ambitious work that aims to capture core viewer ratings.

This season, NTV dramas have been notably sluggish. First Penguin! has a comedic tone, but it is also a drama about a male-dominated society with a sense of stagnation and dampness, which may have contributed to the sluggish viewer ratings,” said Oyama. She was smiling even during the early morning location shoots, and showed the time to take care of the child actors.

The main character has multiple personalities, which is confusing and confusing. There was also the miscalculation of “Dear Me, with the Intent to Kill” (Fuji), in which many viewers dropped out of the series because of “too many cruel scenes” (Kitagawa), but what was remarkable this season was the strong performance of Fuji Television’s production team.

President Koichi Minato and Senior Managing Director Ryo Ohta, who took office in June, issued a loud order to “focus on dramas anyway! The two, President Koichi Minato and Executive Director Ryo Ohta, who took office in June, issued a big order to “focus on dramas at any cost! Mr. Ohta, who is a big proponent of trendy dramas, is said to be overstating things and is causing some confusion on the frontlines, but the use of new scriptwriters and other challenges are catching on with the core audience.

Serial dramas have been reevaluated as profitable content and are now in a fierce battle zone. The return of a legend to the front lines seems to have brought momentum to Fuji for the time being.

Hirano on location for “Kurosagi” in Asakusa. He was actively talking to the staff, who had been tense after the announcement of his departure from the company, and was making them feel at ease.
Elpis,” Nagasawa’s first starring role in a drama series in four and a half years, became a topic of conversation when it was screened at the International Visual Content Trade Fair.
The shooting of “Kimi no Hana ni Naru” had started in July in the middle of summer. Honda made full use of insect repellant spray and took on the challenge of filming at a park location.
Ryosuke Yamada (29) and Mugi Kadowaki (30) of “Hey! Say! JUMP” filming “Dear Me with the Intent to Kill” at a park in Saitama Prefecture.
Kento Yamazaki (28) plays a game creator in “Atom’s Child. He and Kohei Matsushita (35), who plays his partner, are good friends both publicly and privately.
Nao stars in “First Penguin! is a business drama written by Yoshiko Morishita of “Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Blues.

From the December 16, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

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