Kimpuri’s “Oiderera Phenomenon” does not resonate with Johnny’s office and fans are agonizing over it. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kimpuri’s “Oiderera Phenomenon” does not resonate with Johnny’s office and fans are agonizing over it.

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Three members of “King & Prince” are set to leave the group next May. Shiyoh Hirano will also be leaving Johnny’s…

Fans of “King & Prince” (hereafter referred to as “Kimpuri”), who will be leaving the group in May of next year, are desperately sending their thoughts and feelings to the group, known as “tiaras.

The members of the group, Shiyou Hirano, Yuta Kishi, and Yuta Jinguji, will leave the group in May of next year. Each of them will leave the Johnny’s office.

On November 4, it was announced that the three members would be leaving the group, and fans were in a state of shock. After that, the media reported one after another the inside story of how they left the group, although the truth was unclear, and some tiaras began to object to the “decision. Then, the “Oyaderella phenomenon” by Tiara started” (sports newspaper reporter).

After the announcement of Hirano and the others’ withdrawal, Tiara went on a buying spree again in order to make their debut single “Cinderella Girl” a million-seller. This was called the “Oiderella Phenomenon,” and it was not just a contribution to sales, but also a message from the fans to the agency.

The “Oiderella” phenomenon represents the strength of the fans’ passion and solidarity. The stronger the fans are, the more the office cannot ignore them.

The “Oyaderera phenomenon” is a message to the office saying, “It’s not too late. Please overturn the decision.

On November 9, after the announcement of their departure, KINPRISE released their latest single, “Tsukiyomi/Saiyori. It sold 792,000 copies in its first week, ranking number one by a landslide. The sales were so strong that CD stores ran out of the product and online stores sold out one after another. Production could not keep up.

In the midst of this situation, “resellers” are active in the dark. Currently, first-run limited editions of “Tsukiyomi/Saiyori” are being sold on sites such as Mercari at prices above the list price. Although Tiara urges people not to purchase resale items, as they are not counted in the number of copies sold, those who really want them are still able to get their hands on them.

Some of the Tiaras have offered to do something about these resale activities, but no effective action has been taken at this time.

The unity of Tiara can also be seen in the number of views of their music videos. The music video for “Tsukiyomi,” which is available on Kimpuri’s official YouTube channel, has received approximately 34 million views in just over two months of its release. Tiara’s goal is to get “100 million views,” and the number of comments is approaching 100,000.

The number of comments is approaching 100,000. “This is the first time since the SMAP breakup in 2004 that fans have moved on such a large scale. However, there has been no response from the office to the enthusiasm of the fans.

It is likely that next May will arrive in a bland manner, without a last concert for the five members. Tiara is spending anxious days,” said a music insider.

Although Kimpuri is the target this time, fans of other Johnny’s groups also have feelings that are not personal.

Idols are only as good as their fans. Perhaps the entertainment agencies are being put to the test.

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