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Reportedly accepted to a prestigious university…Fuku Suzuki “rumored to be a child prodigy” too unexpected future

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Fuku has been accepted to a famous university (Image: Afro)

Fuku Suzuki (18), who made his name as a child prodigy, has been accepted to a university – and he has been accepted. This news has attracted more public attention than expected.

Speaking of Fuku, he became a household name through “Marumo no Okitei” (Fuji Television Network) in 2011, in which he appeared with another child prodigy, Mana Ashida (18). Since then, he has steadily built up a solid track record, becoming the youngest ever main cast member of “be Ponkickies” (BS Fuji) and starring in the hit TV drama “Kodomo Keisatsu” (TBS).

Since growing up, she has steadily built up an image as an intellectual. She has hosted music programs, appeared on information and educational programs, and even represented the youth this summer on “Akira Ikegami’s Upper House Election Live” (TV Tokyo). And now, she has been reported to have been accepted to a prestigious university. It seems that Fuku-kun has a life plan with no mistakes.

So, where exactly is Fukkun’s goal? A reporter for a weekly magazine who is well versed in the entertainment industry says, “There is no such thing as a good-looking man who is good at acting.

There are many other good-looking guys who can act well.”

In April 2007, he participated in the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” (far right. (Image: Afro)

He said, “Even though we no longer live in an age where child actors are crushed, it’s not such a sweet world if anyone can make it as an adult. Among those who are relatively close in age, Kiyoshiro Kato (21) in “Kodomo Tencho” and Wantoshiro Maeda (21) in “Maeda Maeda” are doing well, but at best they are in the fourth or fifth position in a drama series. However, they are at best the 4th or 5th best actors in the drama series. In reality, it is difficult to get a leading role unless you have the genius of Ryunosuke Kamiki (29).

I don’t mean to put it this way, but once you become an adult, there are many actors who are better actors and more handsome than Fuku-kun. Hence, to survive in the entertainment industry, one needs another weapon. However, when it comes to hosting a show, Fuku-kun’s overwhelming name recognition and the likability that comes from his cute image as a child are a big advantage.

Fuku-kun is a thinker by nature, and is capable of deep conversations, so the agency is hoping to increase his hosting duties in the future. Fuku-kun seems to be not too happy about it, saying, “They want me to be a moderator, don’t they? With the added title of being a prestigious university student, I think he will be doing more and more of that type of work in the future.

So, does Fuku-kun intend to eventually shift completely to hosting? As we continued our interview, we found that he may be aiming for something more “beyond that.

If his image as an intellectual continues to take root, the option of becoming a politician in the future does not seem to be out of reach for him. Fukko-kun is aware of this, and he is not denying it. He is not in denial. Perhaps his decision to attend a prestigious university was made so as not to erase that possibility.

As we can see from former SPEED member Eriko Imai and Kiyoshi Nakajo, who recently caused a stir in the Diet, there is no prohibition on balancing entertainment and political activities. It is not unrealistic to think that we may see a “politician Fuku-kun” in the future.

Incidentally, the number one “celebrity I want to see become a politician” in a certain ranking was Masaharu Fukuyama, not Fuku-kun (……). Although “Fuku” is wrong, he is still only 18 years old. There is no doubt that his potential is limitless.

A host, a politician……, Fuku-kun has a grand future ahead of him (Image: Afro)
  • Interview and text by Nanako

    Born in Ehime Prefecture. After working at a broadcasting station, she became a freelance writer. She specializes in interviews with celebrities and analysis of popular events, and is always checking out serial dramas and popular Japanese movies. She is a well-known beautiful writer in the magazine industry.

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