Hideaki Takizawa, Shiyoh Hirano, Yamap… “hot and drunk” photos of quit Janis actors. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hideaki Takizawa, Shiyoh Hirano, Yamap… “hot and drunk” photos of quit Janis actors.

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Takizawa driving a car with a “brown-haired beauty” in the passenger seat in 2011.

The exodus of talent from Johnny’s continues.

On November 1, Hideaki Takizawa (40), a.k.a. Tackey, announced that he was stepping down as vice president of the agency and president of its affiliate, Johnny’s Island, and on November 4, three members of “King & Prince” (hereafter “Kimpuri”), Shiyoh Hirano (25), Yuta Kishi (27), and Yuta Jinguji (25), announced their departure from the group. ) and Yuta Jinguji (25) will leave the group and leave the group. Some people thought that Tackey and Hirano might be aiming for the next stage of their career, such as expanding overseas.

The “Kimpuri” group will not be following in the footsteps of Tackey in leaving Johnny’s. Hirano and Jinguji will leave next May, and Kishi next fall. I think they made the announcement after a six-month grace period to avoid the year-end and New Year holidays, when many announcements about their future schedules will be made.

However, it is possible that Tackey and Jinguji will join forces in the future. As he has announced, Tackey will probably take a break from his activities for a while to recharge his batteries. However, his stage directing abilities are outstanding, so people around him will not leave him alone. There is a possibility that he will eventually go abroad with Hirano and others.

Akanishi, Nishikido, and Togoshi: ……

Hirano poses for a photo near the main hall of Sensoji Temple in October 2010.

Various famous talents and actors have left Johnny’s in the past. Let’s take a look back at some of the major talents.

February 2002: Jin Akanishi (38) of KAT-TUN

March 2004: Junnosuke Taguchi (36)

September 2005: Goro Inagaki (48), Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (48), and Shingo Katori (45) of SMAP

September 2006: Tsubasa Imai (41) of Tackey & Tsubasa

December 2006: Shibuya Subaru (41) of Kanjani Eight

September 2007: Ryo Nishikido (37)

March 2008: Masahiro Nakai (50) of SMAP

June 2008: Yuya Tegoshi (34) of NEWS

October 2008: Tomohisa Yamashita (37) of Turtle and Yamap

November 2009: Go Morita (43) of V6

FRIDAY” has often caught the true faces of these men, which exude an aura of their own. The site of their passionate dates, locations for filming dramas & movies, and their stoic training in the park. …… The related images should give you a sense of the overwhelming presence of these talents who have left Johnny’s.

In 20 years, we find Yamapo running in a park in Tokyo wearing black
18 years, Nishikido sipping miso soup while looking at his phone at a beef bowl chain restaurant
Tekashi volunteering to deliver bento lunches
Taguchi and Rena Komine on a sushi date in Omotesando in 2007
Kusanagi riding his beloved Harley Davidson
Katori toasting with staff at the crank-up of a movie
Morita and Rie Miyazawa, the mandarin duck couple
Nishikido gets drunk at Akanishi’s brother’s birthday party. His pants were down and he could not walk alone. 12 years
Tackey holds a portrait of Janie Kitagawa at her “family funeral” in 2007.
Hirano (right) and Kento Nakajima repeatedly dashing in an office area in Yokohama.
Yamapo leaving a restaurant in 1919 in a rough style.
  • Photo by Hiroyuki Komatsu Yusuke Kondo Sota Shima Toshikatsu Tanaka Shu Nishihara Ippei Hara Shuichi Masuda Kojiro Yamada

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