Hideaki Takizawa and “Kimpuri” leave the group to break away from “Mr. Janney’s color | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hideaki Takizawa and “Kimpuri” leave the group to break away from “Mr. Janney’s color

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Shiyoh Hirano of “King & Prince” and Hideaki Takizawa, a.k.a. Tackey, announced their departure from Johnny’s.

Johnny’s is undergoing a major shakeup.

On November 1, Hideaki Takizawa, vice president of Johnny’s and representative of Johnny’s Island, left the office. Three days later, the most popular group in Johnny’s, King & Prince, announced that they would be leaving the office. Prince” left the group on May 22, 2011. This was not only to the fans, but also to the mass media.

This was a surprise not only to the fans, but also to many in the media. The explanation from the Japanese side is that there is “no connection” between the two departures, but if you look at the situation from a bird’s eye view, you can sense a clear message.

The message was to “break away from Janney Kitagawa’s color.

Mr. Kitagawa, who passed away in 1919, was a famous producer and a symbol of the company. Takizawa Hideaki, a.k.a. “Tackey,” was trained by him as a gifted young man.

When Mr. Takizawa accepted Mr. Janney’s nomination to succeed him in 2006, Mr. Janney is said to have shed tears of joy. As a result, Takizawa retired as an artist. He went behind the scenes and began the urgent task of rejuvenating Johnny’s.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Kimpuri was also the “last group” that Mr. Janney had discovered before his death.

In 2003, they formed “Mr. King vs. Prince” in 2003, followed by “King Prince” in 2006, and “King Prince” in 2007. Prince” and made their major debut in 2006. Prince” and made their major label debut in 2006. Their first single, “Cinderella Girl,” sold 318,000 copies on its first day of release and debuted at No. 1 on the Oricon Singles Ranking.

Janie’s dream is to create artists who can perform overseas. Since Mr. Janney himself was born in Los Angeles, he was obsessed with producing artists who would be accepted in the U.S. music market. Mr. Takizawa had inherited his teachings, and Kimpuri had also been working with an eye toward overseas markets,” said a music industry insider.

The fact that both of them decided to “leave” the company this time is significant. The fact that both Takizawa and Kimpuri have now decided to leave the company is significant.

In the end, although the name of the company is “Johnny’s,” it is in fact the office of Mary Kitagawa, who is the sister of Mr. Johnny. The current head of the office is Mary’s beloved daughter, Keiko Fujishima. Mr. Janey has no children, and that is probably why he named Mr. Takizawa as his successor, but I guess that means it was not a bloodline” (source from the entertainment industry).

Already, Mr. Janney and Mr. Mary are no longer in this world. And now that Mr. Takizawa has left, where will the Johnny’s office go from here…?

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