NHK’s Wataru Abe, the NHK announcer who was dropped for adultery, may be fired before the “non-payment of subscription fee movement”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

NHK’s Wataru Abe, the NHK announcer who was dropped for adultery, may be fired before the “non-payment of subscription fee movement”.

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NHK is worried about the impact of the affair…

The “cost of adultery” has been a major blemish on his career.

The “price of infidelity” was a major blow to her career. (NHK Radio 1) on October 31.

(NHK Radio 1), announced on October 31, “Wataru Abe has decided to leave the program today, based on his own request.

The announcement was made in the program.

Abe was a well-known announcer who had worked for NHK News Ohayo Nippon and NHK News 7, and was the general host of the Kohaku Uta Gassen for three years in a row from 2009. Her title is “executive announcer,” which is the highest position in NHK, a public broadcasting station, and she is a “super elite announcer.

On October 29, “Bunshun Online” reported that Abe had been having an affair with a female NHK staff member in her 30s for about two years. Abe also has a wife, though she has not disclosed it publicly, and Ms. A has a common-law husband and child. The NHK’s signature announcer was having an affair with a woman.

Abe used a false name to get a hotel room in the evening, which is a violation of the Ryokan Business Law. This is a violation of the Ryokan Business Law. Moreover, it was reported that he had stopped by a sauna after the secret meeting. Did he want to feel good and refreshed, or was he trying to mask his “scent” so that his wife would not find out?

NHK did not say anything, but only solemnly informed Abe that he was stepping down from the board. Naturally, there was no explanation or apology from Abe himself, nor was there any reason for his resignation. Is this really the end of the story?

The phrase “his offer” is a very convenient one. NHK must be taking a firm stance in sending the message that there is nothing more and nothing less than that.

On the other hand, the woman with whom he is having an affair, Ms. A, will probably be given a “cold shoulder” within the company, but she is not likely to make any public announcement. Her privacy will remain protected.

However, Abe, who has been in the public eye, is not so naive.

At NHK, we are strictly taught to be aware that we are involved in public broadcasting. This applies not only to station employees, but also to production staff and part-time workers who come and go from the station.

In other words, Abe, who “behaved too badly,” will probably never be seen in the public eye again. He may be relegated to a quiet position, or he may even resign at his own request.

Just as in the case of the ouster of Minister Yamashii, whose relationship with the former Unification Church was controversial, this is a method of protecting the “main body” by having him say that he will resign. This is said to be a problem unique to NHK.

If an announcer who had an affair at a hotel in broad daylight is still a member of the NHK staff, there is a possibility that the public will accelerate their campaign for non-payment of NHK’s subscription fees. After all, for “everyone’s NHK,” the subscription fee issue is the first concern to be raised as discussed in the Diet. If someone who could shake the very foundation of NHK is found, they would want to fire him immediately.

There are a few former NHK announcers with “scars on their shins” who are now working as freelancers. If Abe is forced to resign, one wonders what he will do with himself….

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