The trump card of the old Unification Church in the midst of the “dismantling crisis” is “Mother of Mt. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The trump card of the old Unification Church in the midst of the “dismantling crisis” is “Mother of Mt.

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Tetsuya Yamagami, the suspect who shot and killed former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in July this year. His mother is a member of the former Unification Church…

Regarding the former Unification Church, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has indicated that he will exercise his “right to ask questions” and investigate the organization. In some cases, a “dissolution order” may be issued against the cult. According to a source in the political world

At first, the LDP was reluctant to conduct a “painful” investigation into the former Unification Church. However, Kishida’s approval rating for the cabinet has been dropping, falling to 27.4% in a Jiji Press poll in early October. That is when the decision was made to turn the scalpel on the former Unification Church.

The LDP was a close ally of the former Nippon Unification Church.

For the former Unification Church, which had a close relationship with the LDP, this is a sudden flip-flop. The church, feeling a sense of crisis, held a press conference in Tokyo at 2:00 p.m. on January 20. Hideyuki Teshigahara, head of the Reform Promotion Division, said at the press conference.

The head of the Reform Headquarters, Hideyuki Teshigahara, appealed, “When the Agency for Cultural Affairs sends us the right to ask questions, we will respond with sincerity.

He appealed to the audience. Mr. Teshigahara was criticized for making an “unannounced visit” to the home of his ex-wife, Tatsuo Hashida, a believer, after she refused to meet with him.

He countered, “It is not the same as saying that I pressured him to suppress his speech.”

He refuted this claim, saying, “It’s not the same thing as pressuring me to suppress speech.

At the press conference, he presented the idea of appointing new wardens in 68 dioceses throughout Japan to help second-generation believers. The venue was abuzz as 20 new male wardens in black suits appeared on the stage. The event also took a bizarre turn when a video of an interview with the ex-wife of the aforementioned Mr. Hashida was shown on the VTR.

Yomiuri TV’s “Information Live Miyaneya,” which was broadcasting live, stopped the live broadcast just before the ex-wife’s interview was shown. Ostensibly, this was due to “personal information concerns,” but in reality, it was a “judgment call” that the interview was “not something that should be broadcast during a tea break.

“We decided that it was not something that should be aired on TV. It was clear that the ex-wife was defending the cult.

The former Unification Church responded by saying, “We are not biased.

The former Unification Church has protested against this, claiming that it is biased reporting.

The church and Miyaneya have been at each other’s throats for some time, but I think the church has recently changed its strategy to “make good use of Miyaneya,” as opposed to the other way around. The press conference began at 2:00 p.m., just in time for Miyaneya’s broadcast. It is thought that they are trying to spread the cult’s claims to the public through the live broadcast.

The cult seems to be getting impatient now that the “dissolution order” is beginning to flicker. This time it was a VTR interview with Ms. Hashida, but it is believed that they may pull out the mother of Tetsuya Yamagami, the suspect who shot former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, at the appropriate time.

The mother’s interview had been floated several times before, but was dropped in consideration of the public mood,” said Hashida. This is a “trump card” for the cult. I think Miyaneya will have no choice but to broadcast the meeting live if Yamagami’s mother appears.

On the other hand, it has been pointed out that the order to dissolve the cult may be an impediment. On the 21st broadcast of the “Hatori Shinichi Morning Show” (TV Asahi), Fumihiro Josuke, a former Aum Shinrikyo leader and representative of Hikari no Wa, appeared in a VTR. In the past, there were two cases in which an order to dissolve Aum Shinrikyo was given, one of which was the Aum Shinrikyo that caused the Sarin gas attack on the subway in 1995 and whose dissolution order was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 1996.

Fumihiro Josuke, then head of the Aum Shinrikyo emergency task force, recalls the time when the dissolution order was issued.

“It had absolutely no impact on our activities.

He asserted, “It didn’t affect our activities at all. Rather

“They would not be inclined to stop their faith, and when they became radicalized, they became conspiratorial. They are oppressed themselves, and on the contrary, their faith will deepen in a bad way.”

He said. He then added

“There is a possibility that we could end up in a situation where [the Kishida administration] says, ‘This is not how it was supposed to be.

He also pointed out that “the Kishida administration may find itself in a situation where it wasn’t supposed to be.

TV Asahi, which had seen its stock drop due to the “tongue-twister” issue with Tamagawa Toru, said that it would continue to address the risk of an easy dissolution order.

The issue of the former Unification Church seems to have moved up a notch from the previous stage with a single word from Prime Minister Kishida. The exchanges are likely to be fierce.

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