Masahiko Kondo sells his house…divorce and “memories of the past” forced on him by his wife | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masahiko Kondo sells his house…divorce and “memories of the past” forced on him by his wife

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Masahiko Kondo reportedly sold the three-story house he lived in right after his marriage.

Masahiko Kondo has reportedly sold the house he lived in right after his marriage.

The Kondo family currently lives in a condominium in the city center, but this house is a three-story house that was built for the couple to live in after their marriage. According to “Josei Seven”, the house was rented to a close acquaintance for many years, but was sold in August this year.

Why was it put up for sale? According to people in the entertainment industry, one theory is that she is in trouble due to a drastic decrease in work since the report of her affair last November. Another theory is that he is still “connected” with the woman he had an affair with, and that it may be for the purpose of sharing his property with his wife.

The house, filled with memories of Kondo and his family, was built in 1993, the year before he got married. The house was built in 1993, the year before he got married. It was located near the Tokyu Toyoko Line station, in a quiet residential area, though it was not a high-class residential area. At the time, Keisuke Kuwata and his wife, Yuko Hara, also lived nearby.

As an entertainment reporter for many years, I used to run around to cover Masahiko Kondo at the height of his popularity.

I remember the year Kondo got married, when it was almost the end of the year. I received a tip that his new wife, Ako, was working at an izakaya.

I was told that she was the “proprietress” of the pub. The restaurant was located along the Tokyu Toyoko line guard, about a 15-minute walk from the new house. At his press conference, Kondo said

“I feel a responsibility to support a woman. I have to focus on my work.

Kondo had said. What was the matter with his new wife that she had to go out to work so early in their marriage? I visited Kondo at his home, wondering if he was spending too much money on his hobby of car racing and couldn’t keep up with his entertainment activities alone.

Kondo told me that the izakaya where Ako-san is located was originally a restaurant of an acquaintance he used to go to, and that his wife and four or five of her friends made the food and served it to the old men of the shopping district in order to learn how to cook. “My wife was never the proprietress,” he said.

I later heard that Aiko was working at the store and honing her cooking skills for Kondo.

One night, it was around 1:30 in the morning. As the drunken customers were leaving and it was time to close the restaurant, Kondo came to pick her up. It was close to her house, but she came to the store by car, probably because she had to go home late at night.

Kondo also arrived by motorcycle. After Kondo pulled down the shutters of the store, I followed the car she was driving and the two rendezvoused happily on their way home. Even though they were newlyweds, I could feel how close they were to each other.

Twenty-seven years have passed since then. Kondo could not have imagined that it would be reported that he had been having an affair with a woman two years younger than him for five years.

“His wife is a very respectful person who has supported him for many years without showing it. Of course, I heard that she was so furious that she was ready to divorce him.

His son is at a difficult age. As a father, he had done something he could not face, and the mother and son were very much opposed to each other. However, they continued to talk and were able to avoid divorce for the time being.

In terms of income as well, it is expected to decrease drastically compared to the past. It’s already been almost half a year since he left the Johnny’s office in April of this year.

“With his departure from the office, it seems that the remuneration he was being paid as an executive has disappeared. As for my racing activities, I don’t think there will be any problems since my sponsors haven’t left me, but I heard that their sponsorship fees have been reduced due to the new Corona, so I can’t say that I have enough money financially. But I heard that sponsorship fees have been reduced due to the impact of the new Corona.

Will the happy memories of the family ever return?

  • Reporting and writing by Hiroyuki Sasaki

    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Sasaki became a reporter for FRIDAY at the age of 31, reporting on a number of scoops during his time with FRIDAY, and has been active in weekly magazines ever since. He is currently appearing on TV and radio as a commentator.

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